Best New Mixes from October 2018

by Gilles Wasserman

You’re all set for the fall music marathon. Here are the mixtapes from incredibly talented DJs from around the world that we enjoyed listening the most in October! The mixes are listed in no particular order.

Tsepo - Live Series #23

Warm up sets are often overlooked and not respected by the majority of party goers but real music lover and most of the headlining DJs will tell you how important is to have a good 'opening DJ’. It’s actually essential for the rest of the night. The resident of Shelter in Amsterdam, Tsepo shows how the proper warm-up set should sound like. Folks from Shelter have a ‘live series in Shelter’ podcast, and their resident Tsepo is debuting with his amazing set which he played before Kristian from Age in December last year. Even though the recording is almost a year old, good music and good mixes never get old. We enjoyed listening to this mix a lot, and it’ll go into our ‘permanent folder for good mixes’.

Mattheis & Oberman - Nous’klaer at Red Light Radio

We came back from this year's ADE festival full of amazing impressions of fantastic music that we had the opportunity to listen while there. One of the highlights of our trip was definitely Mattheis. Luckily enough we managed to catch Mattheis playing 3 times (which is super rare at the hectic ADE, but we are so glad it happened). Each time Mattheis performed in completely different setup. We listened to him playing immaculate b2b with his good friend and Nous’klaer Audio boss, Oberman at Maeve rave, then fantastic DJ set at Nous’klaer Audio showcase and as a cherry on top Mattheis played a mind-bending modular ambient set at our event on Sunday afternoon. This recording is from Mattheis’ latest visit to Red Light Radio where he was a guest of Oberman ahead of the release of his album ‘Thin Sections’. In this mix, you’ll have a taste of Mattheis’ upcoming album, some unreleased Nous’ material, there’s some live modular jamming and a very interesting interview between Oberman and Mattheis talking about the process of making music and using modular synths in that process.

DJ Dustin - A Comet’s Tale (Giegling for Jet Set)

One of our favorite artists from infamous Weimar based Giegling crew, DJ Dustin made an exclusive mix for Jet Set record store in Japan. The mix is a beautiful highlight of recent, future and not so recent Giegling material. A perfect rainy day soundtrack.

Job Jobse - 190 minutes of Strangelove

Job Jobse has become one of the busiest touring DJs in the scene over the last couple of years. His talent to make people dance and smile have been recognized all over the world. Often you see videos from the parties where Job is playing and crowd's just going completely off, quite euphoric. For this months list, we have something a bit different. This is an opening set by Jobse for one of his Strangelove nights at IFZ Leipzig. More than 3hrs or 190minutes to be more specific of metallic dance, german vox, and magical waves as Jobse describes it in the mix info.

Ripperton - Being known on social networks is like being rich in Monopoly’s

The new mix by phenomenal Swiss artist and our dear friend, Ripperton is so on point. From the title of the mix ‘Being known on social media is like being rich in Monopoly's’ to the track list and of course masterful mixing. It’s house music in its best delivered by the best. Everything we like about the house music is in this mix, hypnotic bass lines, warm grooves, catchy sampled vocals, feel-good vibe. mr. Ripa has done it again.

Cleveland - Nous’klaer Radio #18

Ahead of his performance at Nous’klaer showcase at this year’s ADE, Cleveland made an exclusive mix for Nous’klaer Radio. The mix contains music that Cleveland has been playing recently, and as we got used on when listening to Cleveland’s sets, get ready for something different. Get ready for twists and turns in rhythm, trippy sounds coming out of nowhere, hypnotic synths that make you go - whoa! If you’re in Brooklyn this coming weekend, Cleveland is making a debut at Elsewhere on Friday night! It’s a must hear!

Dwig - Live at Waking Life 2018

What a nice surprise this mix was. We haven’t heard from Dwig in a while, so this mix was like an early Christmas gift. Recorded live at boutique festival ‘Waking Life’ in Portugal, the mix is a beautiful journey made of some unreleased Dwig’s stuff with of course stuff that all Giegling fans know very well. Step into Dwig’s world of magnificent deep and warm melodies.

Iron Curtis - all night long at Zukunft Zurich

You don’t find that many recordings of all-nighters online. People nowadays don’t have patience or time to listen through the several hours of music, but if you have some home gathering or a long drive perhaps, do yourself a favor and press play on this one. Being resurrected with his phenomenal ‘Upstream Color’ LP that came out recently on Tamed Musiq, Iron Curtis is getting all deserved recognition from both colleagues and fans around the world. This is the recording of his all-nighter performance at infamous Zukunft club in Zurich. It’s pointless to highlight the styles in the mix, but let’s say that this mix is in all shades of house music.

Nadia Struiwigh - Invite’s Choice Podcast 509

We had the honor to host such incredibly talented artists at our ADE debut event. Among the stellar lineup, the one that especially shined was magnificent Nadia Struiwigh. Her mind-bending set didn’t leave anyone who was there indifferent. Truly exceptional from start to finish, with jaw-dropping set up of controllers, Nadia showed that she’s one of the most exciting acts from the ever blossoming Dutch electronic music scene. Nadia’s mix for Invite’s Choice Records and their podcast series presents Nadia in a different light, as a music digger without compromises. The mix is a fresh excursion away from the '4 on the floor' rhythm which is the most common in mixes we hear nowadays. Breakbeat & electro have already made their come back in 2018 and now we enjoy different interpretations of these genres by a new wave of talented artists around the world.

Upsammy - Dekmantel Festival 2018

Upsammy stole our heart last year at ADE when we heard her playing one of the best breakbeat sets we heard in a while at the infamous De School. She is on a constant rise and recognition that keeps coming from both fellow producers and fans is very well deserved. Upsammy's mix from Dekmantel Festival is a true representation of her outstanding talent. Slower breakbeat set that has been on repeat at Fiction Lab.

The Drifter - The Ransom Note mix

This month we’re drifting away from Drift Away show, but not that far, the captain stays the same. The Drifter made an exclusive mix for popular music platform, The Ransom Note, and it’s Drifty in his best. The mix was posted little before ADE and it was a fantastic warm-up for what we heard from The Drifter at Maeve rave. As from what you can hear in this mix, The Drifter sounds fresh, groovy with a positive feeling sprinkled all over the music he plays lately. Right on, Drifty!

John Talabot - Music for days like this (episode 7)

With the series of mixes named ‘Music for days like these’, John Talabot wants to present his non-clubbing side of music taste. These downtempo mixes are perfect for the ‘recovery days’ or days when you don’t feel like listening to untz, untz, untz, untz. Talabot is one of the most hard working DJs in the scene and his selections are always top notch, so if you want to hear music that you probably never heard before, find a comfy spot and press play.

Alan Ford - #2

Fiction Lab residents Steve Graham & Gilles Wasserman keep building Alan Ford (the ambient/downtempo / slo-mo house project) story very successfully. After amazing ADE debut at Fiction Lab x SoHaSo live stream event, the duo played highly anticipated Cityfox Halloween Festival (both recordings should be online in near future! ). Ahead of the Cityfox gig, Steve and Gilles made a mix, their second studio mix as Alan Ford. The mix represents Alan Ford style very well. 105 bpm house music with hypnotic grooves and catchy baselines will guarantee to get your hips moving. The best is yet to come.

Pablo Bolivar - C-U Big Label artist 58

Pablo doesn’t need any special introduction at Fiction Lab. Our longtime favorite, Seven Villas head honcho, never fails to impress us with his selection of exceptional deep house cuts. While we’re patiently waiting for the new edition of one of our favorite mix series ‘Musica Para Estar’ from Pablo Bolivar, we’ll enjoy this beautifully groovy mix that Pablo made for Change Underground platform.

Eversines - Red Light Radio mix

De Lichting crew from Amsterdam is a group of incredibly talented artists which are slowly but surely positioning themselves like true innovators on the Dutch electronic music scene. After the magnificent debut double LP named Één (the second edition is set to be released in few weeks time), all eyes were pointed at this super talented crew. Eversines is one of the members of the crew, and for this month we picked his debut set at the infamous Red Light Radio. The mix is well balanced between straight on house and breakbeat, topped with catchy sampled vocals. Be sure that you’ll hear more about Eversines and De Lichting crew on Fiction Lab. The guys rock!

Kim Brown - Needcast 009

We’re happy to hear back from Berlin-based duo Kim Brown. After their latest release ‘Pleasuredome Continuum’ EP on UK-based label Needwant, Kim Brown made a mix for Needwant’s podcast series - Needcast. Classic deep house stamp is all over this mix with luscious chords, tribal percussion, and mesmerizing pads. We enjoyed listening to this one a lot. Fits perfectly for a car ride.

LOR - To The Moon and Back

If you’re in the mood for some space traveling, more specific to the moon and back, you’ve come to the right place! Belfast based LOR has everything ready for the trip that you won’t forget. After the release of his exceptional debut LP named ‘Lunar Orbit Rendevouz’, LOR continues in the same style with the mix he made exclusively for London’s Lodown Magazine. The recognizable Kraftwerkesque mood in the mix will transport you to a distant space station on its way to The Moon.

Mathew Jonson - Dekmantel Podcast 198

Dekmantel’s podcast series has yet another fabulous mix in their catalog. This time it comes from no other but master of live performances, Mathew Jonson. The mix is a recording of Jonson’s live performance at Dekmantel festival in 2017. Mathew’s talent to make timeless music brought him to the stage where he is now, so this mix is still very much on point. If you’re a Mathew Jonson fan this mix will be like a ear candy to you, and if you never heard about Mathew Jonson before, well then give yourself 90min off, sit down, press play and prepare for a journey to outer space!

Bookwood - live @ Kater Blau 09.29.2018

Super talented German producer who emerged last year with great releases on labels like URSL and Cosmic Society caught our attention instantly. Bookwood’s talent can be easily recognized when listening to his productions which are based around very well produced melodies and hypnotic grooves. You can hear it for yourself in this phenomenal live set which was recorded at infamous Berlin nightclub Kater Blau in September.

Benjamin Frohlich - Liquid Youth 020

Permanent Vacation co-founder, Benjamin Frohlich needs no introduction. We’ve been supporting Benjamin’s work regularly here at Fiction Lab, and we’re looking forward to every new mixtape of his. This time Benjamin Frohlich made a mix for Amsterdam based music platform, Liquid Youth. The mix is energetic and dance floor oriented so get ready - to boogie!