Best New Mixes from November 2018

by Gilles Wasserman

Music digging on SoundCloud in November was quite fruitful. Here are the mixes that we enjoyed listening the most. As you got used to it, we covered a wide spectrum of electronic music ranging from ambient to jungle and everything in between. Put your headphones and get ready for the journey.

Ripperton - Polaris Electronic Music Festival Podcast

The Swiss music genius, Ripperton needs no introduction. Having a career that’s more than 20yrs long, Ripperton still doesn’t stop to amaze us with his heartwarming productions and immaculate DJ skills. Nowadays, Ripperton is working on his live set, and we can’t wait to hear what he has up his sleeve for this type of performance. One of the first live performances in a while Ripperton had at the infamous Polaris Festival where he shared a stage with no other but Massive Attack and French legend I:Cube. This mix is exclusive for popular music platform Deep House Amsterdam ahead of his gig at Polaris. Ripperton’s special touch is all over this mix. Astonishingly beautiful tracks, mixed flawlessly will make you go back to the mix over and over. It’s been on repeat at our HQ for weeks.

Lawrence - at Sanchez Thursdays 10.18.2018

Lawrence's LP 'Illusion' which came out a few weeks ago on Dial Records is still on heavy rotation at Fiction Lab, and as a perfect addition to it, we have this Lawrence’s mix recorded live at Propaganda club in Moscow. Lawrence is known as one of the producers whose style represents true german deep and minimal house, and this mix is right that. The finest deep and minimal house you can find, packed in the immaculate mix.

Justin Van Der Volgen - live at Limited Edition 8yr. Anniversary part I

Justin Van Der Volgen is one of NYC's best kept secrets and arguably one of the best disco DJs on vibrant NYC’s scene. He also runs fantastic My Rules record label. Few weeks Justin posted the recording of him playing at super exclusive ‘Limited Edition’ party in Portland (you can read more about this super cool party in the description of this mix on SoundCloud). This was Justin’s all-nighter and needless to say this mix is truly exceptional. When DJ’s of Justin’s caliber get the opportunity to play in ideal conditions you can expect only magic. Don’t forget to listen to the second part of the recording as well (which is also on SoundCloud) because you don’t get many times a chance to listen to mixes like this one.

Iron Curtis - Groove Podcast 187

Lately, we can’t get enough of Iron Curtis. After a great success of his album, Iron Curtis has been on the road constantly but luckily for us, he keeps finding time to make podcasts on a regular basis. The mix Iron Curtis made for one of the most popular electronic music magazines in Germany, Groove Magazine, is such a wicked blend of different genres of electronic music. Multiple layering, seamless transitions and almost 20 tracks mixed in 67min can give you a taste what to expect when you press play. It’s a feel-good uplifting mix.

Kun - Folklor Podcast 006

Folklor club in Lausanne, Switzerland has been making all the right moves since its opening two years ago. Their programming blends amazing local talent with fresh and new international artists. One of the Folklor’s residents, super talented duo Kūn are for sure one of the most exciting Lausanne’s exports. The philosophy behind this duo is best described in the write up that came with this mix on SoundCloud and we’re presenting it in full:

Kun is sound: a blend of what house and techno music have to offer, rooted in the tradition of digital art, IDM and g33k culture. Kun brings together the finest of the electronic legacy with cutting-edge avant-garde material. Kun considers clubbing as a space for simplicity, shared value, and enlightenment.

Kun is people: a multi-generational duo, defined both by experience and impulse, technology and freshness. Kun has no physical studio. Rather a studio built completely in the cloud. A place where imagination, gears both acoustic and virtual as well as immateriality can converge through musical design.

Kun is philosophy: both of Asian descent, Kun's members cherish their name for its meaning of equality and multiplicity. Instrumentalists, vocalists, producers and DJs, they see the dance floor as an open and limitless territory for dialogue, expression and ultimately inner-travel.

Enjoy this phenomenal mix which is part of Folklor podcast series. The mix is a very nice blend of space disco and arpeggiated house music, which will leave a smile on your face upon listening.

Johanna Schneider & Dorisburg - live/DJ hybrid set @ DTS

It doesn't get much better than this. Flawlessly executed hybrid b2b set by Johanna Schneider & Dorisburg is a true piece of art. Trippy percussion driven techno spiced with hypnotic melodies will instantly transport you to another dimension. For all Dorisburg fans, this is an early Christmas gift.

Forest Drive West - XLR8R Podcast 566

Forest Drive West is a producer and DJ who slowly but surely built his name on the underground music scene. London based artists won our hearts with his trippy approach to techno and infusing it with bass and jungle influences, sounds that he grew up with at the turn of the millennium. Popular music platform XLR8R invited FDW to their podcast series and what a mix we have here. Starting off with a bit deeper than his usual style FDW picks up closer to 30min into the mix and takes a listener to the intergalactic journey. The mix consists of the tracks that FDW has been playing out lately, so if you happen to be in the city where he plays, do yourself a favor and go. This is pure gold.

Objekt - RA 650

Berlin-based artist, Objekt has always been known for his edgy approach to electronic music. He’s one of the artists that you can’t really put in any specific genre but again his work fits perfectly into many genres of electronic music. Objekt’s RA mix is pure gold for every music nerd. It’s a perfectly executed mix that spans from ambient to IDM to techno and everything in between (this time seriously - everything in between). Objekt once again pushes the boundaries and shows that there are still unexplored territories in electronic music.

John Barera - Roamance 06

Co-founder of Jack Dept. record label and multifaceted artist, John Barera is known on Brooklyn’s underground music scene as one of the best music diggers. In his sets, you’ll always hear some 'hard to find' exceptional tracks that make his sets a must listen. That’s the case with this mix as well, exclusively made for ROAM promo team from Washington DC and their Roamance podcast series, Barera brings on some pure peak time party vibe blending classic house, techno, electro, and breakbeat. Put your dancing shoes on!

Boris Acket - ZeeZout Podcast 090

We can't get enough of De Lichting crew. The latest of impressive work by its members is this podcast by Boris Acket. Besides being super talented DJ and producer, Boris is also an exceptional videographer and visual artist. Previously know as Scott Franka, Boris was invited by Amsterdam ZeeZout collective to do a guest mix for their podcast. What we have here is a great representation of De Lichting crew is all about. DL crew bring necessary fresh blood that keeps ambient, house and techno as interesting as these genres have ever been.

Roman Flugel - Boiler Room

After watching this set live on Boiler Room’s channel we couldn’t wait for it to pop up on SoundCloud. One of the true pioneers of electronic music, the magician from Frankfurt, Roman Flügel took over the booth of Boiler Room for the very first time, and what we had a chance to listen is arguably one of the best Boiler Room sets ever played in our humble opinion. Peak time techno packed flawlessly in one hour just to show who is the boss, Roman Flügel is.

Tijana T - Red Light Radio 10.17.2018

One of the highlight sets at this year’s ADE was Tijana T’s closing set at Maeve rave party. A phenomenal Serbian DJ created such an amazing vibe during her set and kept the crowd dancing hypnotically until the very last second of her set. This is the recording of her Red Light radio set during the ADE and it’s a pure tour de force mix. It’s energetic mix full of twist and turns, blending techno, breakbeat, electro and house. As a cherry on the top, Tijana finishes mix with gorgeous Plaid - Eyen.

Fixed (Dave P & JDH) - Good Room Podcast 133

Fixed is one of the promo team from Brooklyn responsible for introducing some of the finest international talents to vibrating NYC underground music scene including John Talabot, Lindstrom, Hot Chip, Lena Wilikens just to name few. Masterminds behind Fixed are Dave P and JDH who have a residency at one of the best clubs in NYC, Good Room. This year Fixed is celebrating phenomenal 14 years anniversary and in the light of that and their party at Good Room on November 30th, JDH and Dave P made this mind-bending mix. The mix highlights a broad musical spectrum and shows that JDH and Dave P are among the best music diggers on NYC’s music scene.

Denis. - Soy Como Soy #149

One of the staple figures of the underground scene in Vienna and member of Torture The Artist crew, Denis has been our favorite for a long time. We fell in love with his amazing taste and DJing skills while listening to him on a beautiful summer night in Belgrade a few years ago. Since then we follow closely what he puts out. The latest mix of his is exclusive for Soy Como Soy radio show on Ibiza Global radio. Most of the 60 minutes podcasts are usually just the tracks mixed into each other without any particular reasoning behind it, without tracks telling the story. Well, this mix is not like those. Slowly unfolding from beautiful synth ambient into a tribally deep house that occasionally changes the mood with hypnotic melodies, this mix has all ingredients for ‘let me listen to that mix again’ moments.

Aera - Artcast 46

Aera needs no introduction at Fiction Lab. We’ve been fans of his work for a long time, and whatever new comes out with Aera stamp we look forward listening. This time Aera made a mix for Torture The Artist, and it’s ‘give me your hand and I’ll show you the world’ type of mix. Aera shows his eclecticism in the best way possible and takes a listener to quite a ride through genres and moods probably inspired by his world album tour that he had this year. This is not yet another podcast, you will hear music that you never heard before, so press play and hop on for a ride.

Luca Bacchetti - sunset set at Playground, Burning Man 2018

Getting lost into SoundCloud rabbit hole can be quite overwhelming, and of course it happens that we miss some of the great mixes while we dig deep for those exceptional mixes out there. That was the case with this absolutely lovely mix by our dear friend Luca Bacchetti which was uploaded few week back. At this year’s Burning Man festival Luca played at the Arrival stage during the sunset, and since we weren’t present, we can only imagine how fabulous this set sounded in that surrounding. Absolute class from Endless head honcho. This mix goes into ‘evergreen folder’.

Masha - Beats In Space #964

Our place to ‘go to' for good music is Tim Sweeney’s legendary Beats in Space radio show. It’s always a pleasure to listen to what artists prepare for these sets because it’s always something special. A few weeks ago we enjoyed listening to the set from Masha. Based in LA, Masha is throwing parties called Dig Deeper alongside her partner in crime Alison Swing (who played the first hour of BIS show, that mix is amazing as well). Masha and Alison have been throwing parties for a couple of years already and during that time they have brought some of the finest names in house and disco music to LA including Kornel Kovacs, DJ Sprinkles, Tom Trago, and Iron Curtis just to name few.

Masha’s mix is a ‘feel good’ one, an eclectic journey through disco, house and world music which will brighten up your day. To give it a really special touch, Masha included her new track towards the end of the mix, which we hope we’ll be released very soon. A perfect sunny day soundtrack.

The Drifter - Cast Adrift 11

The latest episode of Cast Adrift might be our favorite so far. The Drifter goes deep this time but still keeps that special Drifty touch throughout the mix. Mood change is constantly present in the mix but every time with complete sense just to keep things interesting. Enjoy jams by Vril, Birds Ov Paradise, Opal Sunn and Octo Octa to name a few.

Alien Sun - live at Ambient Spa 2018

Random finds like this one are what SoundCloud digging is all about. We can’t tell you much about the artist behind this magnificent mix but If you’re in a mood for some beautiful ambient atmosphere look no more. This mix is a real deal.

Jonathan Kaspar - Get Physical Radio #361

Jonathan Kaspar’s mixes are always such a pleasure to listen to. A few months ago we enjoyed listening to his 3hr live recording from Gewolbe club in Cologne, and here we are again! Get Physical posted almost 3.5hr long recording from infamous Cologne club by Jonathan Kaspar as a guest mix for Get Physical Radio, and what a ride this is. The mix with a perfect flaw, we can only imagine how this must’ve sounded in the club. Jonathan once again shows undeniable talent behind the decks.