PREMIERE: Marsmobil - It Doesn't Matter How You Are (Ripperton Remix Instrumental)[Compost Records]

by Irina Kotik

Munich’s widely respected Compost Records will celebrate their 25th year of an extraordinary musical journey as a record label with a release of a mighty anniversary “25 Compost Records” boxset in early 2019.

The mesmerizing collection will reflect the label’s diversity, commitment to innovation and talent-nurturing genius. The 10 x 12” box-set will feature more than 30 new remixes of Compost classics by Ron Trent, Michel Cleis, François K, Recondite, DJ Spiller, Purple Disco Machine, Lawrence, Gerd Janson, Tee Mango, Delano Smith, Ewan Pearson and many many others...

The first package “Overture 1” EP (Ltd.Ed.) offers a glimpse of Compost classics by Beanfield, Marsmobil, A Forest Mighty Black remixed by Roman Flügel, I:Cube, Ripperton, plus an exclusive Ron Deacon track.

Swiss house guru Ripperton is a gem from the underground electronic community who has been carving his own sonic path for over two decades now. He steps up to remix a stunning instant classic “It Does Not Matter How You Are” by Roberto Di Gioia, a musical mastermind behind Marsmobil. Ripperton’s instrumental interpretation of the original impresses upon listeners a spellbinding journey with a sonic magnetism and delicate melancholy. Evocative moods are drawn in by a masterfully crafted intricate arrangements and enthralling synth line that is infused with an hypnotism injected rhythms and endless beautiful melodies.