PREMIERE: Ultrastation - 666 [Mary Black]

by Zach Huenink

An intergalactic, planetary transmission is incoming so be sure to open all listening channels and tune to the proper frequency…666… Where is it from? Ultrastation. Produced by 2 cosmonauts (existing of Nuno Dos Santos & Cosmic Force) who are specialized in Ultra waves and subsonic consciousness.

Now, after years making radio from their Tesla feeder Laboratory, they are ready to come out and play the radio hits live for the public. Ultrastation seems to be rooted firmly in the future. A future that looks none too bright. The aptly named 666 and our premiere for today, creates an air of bleakness interspersed with syncopated melodies and off-kilter groove that keeps you on your toes as it fades from the forefront. Only to reappear a moment later as if to drive home the impact that resistance is futile.

This EP will be out the December 21st along with remixes by Artefakt and Sandra Mosh. As such, we’ll be eagerly awaiting future communications from the likes of Ultrastation.