High 5 - Nuno Dos Santos

We have invited one of the artists that we admire the most for our last High 5 in 2018 - Nuno Dos Santos, label head of Something Happening Somewhere. Over the years, we've been honored to have many opportunities to work with Nuno on different projects and his professionalism, enthusiasm, and constant curiosity for new music never cease to amaze us. Nuno Dos Santos is one of the few DJ’s who moves the underground music scene forward and is constantly shaping it into something new, interesting and genre defying.

Nuno recently started new collaboration named Ultrastation together with Cosmic Force, one of the producers from SoHaSo pallette and Clone affiliate. Their debut ‘686868’ EP released via Mary Black hit the stores last week. There are lots of interesting things coming from this phenomenal collaboration including upcoming EP on Alienata’s Discos Atonicos in early 2019, so stay tuned.

As one of the biggest music diggers on the scene, Nuno’s recommendations are always worth checking out.

High 5, Nuno Dos Santos!

Sunareht - Super Suna Odyssey

On the Sagas EP Sunareht continues to explore his unique technique of staccato-like chops discovered on his previous work Hyul (2017), this time injecting a healthy dose of melody and poignancy to the instantly-recognizable formula, bringing even more euphoria through a series of roof-less build ups intended to have no payoff, leaving the listener suspended in the air, in a bizarrely addictive state of unresolved anticipation.

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Kosma - Effatholar City

Effatholar City is strong broken beats tune...the dark way in cinesmascope and superstereo. Headphone business at its best! 

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Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt - Lockerina

Growing Bin burst into 2018 with a bang, crash and symbol splash, uniting a premier pair of percussion obsessives for a supernatural mission into the heart of the rhythm.

Dressed in the pitch black of Dusseldorf stands Wolf Mueller, master of the tropical drums and seven time Salon Des Amateur breakdance champion. Repping Cologne and Berlin is Niklas Wandt, Germany’s funkiest drummer and a mixed musical artist as adept in experimental jazz as demented Eurodance. Standing toe to toe in a no holds barred, no drum unstruck groove contest, these two titans will make you swing your pants like a Crash Bandicoot victory dance... so stretch out and step into ‚Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World‘.

Taking to their task with the joyful abandon of two big kids getting creative with the Kindergarten music tray, Müller & Wandt marry dripping electronics, Froesean pads and rubber-limbed basslines with tribal polyrhythms, C2 claps and Indonesian shakers - and that‘s only on the A1. Comprising of three trance-inducing epics, a handful of medium-sized movers and a couple of freeform interludes, this dynamic double pack could almost pass as a lost Library masterpiece; but our mind guides go Furthur, fusing esoteric funk and free-jazz freak-out a truly transportive experience. Prepare to enter a world of techno totems and neon skulls, shades of Yello and excellent birds. Within these grooves lies a transdimensional pathway between the Temple of Doom, the Twilight Zone and De Palma‘s Paradise, brought to life in a shamanic rite.

Forget the healing frequencies of Growing Bin‘s ambient outings, this time we‘re dancing for mental health.

text by : Patrick Ryder

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Buck 65 - The Floor

The track by Canadian hip hop artist Buck 65 from ‘Secret House Against the World ‘ album and inspired by Bukowski’s poem ‘A smile to remember’.

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Umwelt - De-Extinction

Twisted and wicked dark electro by Lyon-based electro avant-garde producer Umwelt.

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