Amberoom - Orchesis EP [These Eyes]

Fans of complex, melodic house should rejoice, as new music will soon be coming your way. Essen native, Manuel Tur has paired up with two close friends under the new moniker, Amberoom to release a wonderful new EP titled ‘Orchesis’. Released on January 26th, Orchesis is the first release of 2018 for André Hommen’s own label ‘These Eyes’ who’s roster also includes heavyweights Lauer, Clavis, Denis Horvat and Marc Romboy.

The title track Orchesis, starts off simply with a hint of the main melody to come later in the song. As the track progresses, more and more layers are masterfully added which build into this groovy vibe that dominates throughout with glittery synths and a killer bass line. These factors all contribute to an absolute tune that would fit well within a peak hour.

The second track in this EP, Laveer, evokes a feeling of restraint as compared to Orchesis. They both are driven by a similar bouncy melody but Laveer takes that into a whole direction with the addition of choir like elements and somber accents throughout. It’s these accents that lend the track a sense of gravity and seriousness. After listening through several times, I think this track would be a fantastic way to start any mix or set.