High 5 - Cleveland

by Cleveland

The Belgian scene is flourishing, here is a list of 5 labels to keep an eye on:

JJ Funhouse

DIY label from Antwerp, nice people releasing beautiful and humble music and always with a classy eye on Design.


Probably the most established one of this list; Vlek has never disappointed, always looking for new sound horizons. Every record is special and has unique handcrafted cover designs.


Stroom is one of my favorite labels right now. Ziggy aka Nosedrip started as the project as webradio and launched the label one year ago; now it's one of the most exciting labels on the map, getting credit from all over the world of diggers and selectors. Very intimate and unique music digged out from the past and the present.

Le Pacifique

I'm not objective here, because I'm good friends with the Antoine. We went to the same art school, as 3/4 of the label's members. But the crew is super cool and passionate, and very precious to the Brussel's scene. Worth checking out and keeping an eye on.

Lexi Disques

Lexi Disques has been around since 2008 (says discogs) but this year it has got more international attention; also here you can never know what's coming next; which makes it so exciting. Capelo's debut on the label, also from the same school as Le Pacifique gang, is a gem. Céline Gillain's 7" aswell.

Other labels worth checking out: Ekster from Antwerp, Basic Moves from Brussels, +++