Best New Mixes from January

We are continuing a New Year in the same pace where we left off 2017. 20 handpicked mixes from our team. From ambient and downtempo to live recordings from some of the best parties that happened last month around the world. Enjoy. Mixes are listed in no particular order. 

Francis Harris - S&T Podcast 19

Scissor & Thread head honcho, Francis Harris is about to release a new EP named Minor Forms via S&T imprint later in February. Francis’ broad music knowledge is perfectly presented through the music he makes. Whether it’s dub minimal techno, deep house or ambient, Francis always puts his signature ‘organic’ touch to his music. A few weeks ago Francis played at Brooklyn’s Lot radio. He delivered a stunning 2-hour set, a mix of handpicked ambient, downtempo & jazz tunes. Such a wonderful mix that is a perfect companion for your daily errands in front of the computer. 

Pablo Bolivar - Musica para Estar vol.15

It’s the ‘Musica para estar’ time of the year. Phenomenal mix series by one of our favorite artist, Pablo Bolivar got the 15th edition. Dubby paradise is all we can say about this mix. This is one those mixes that you can listen in a couple of years and still be loving it. Another masterful MPS mix by the one and only Pablo Bolivar.

Justin Strauss - Beats in Space #922

Justin Strauss is a true legend of NY’s electronic music underground scene. He’s been around for more than 30 years and there’s no DJ booth in NYC where Justin didn’t sprinkle his magic over. Justin’s style is a unique blend of classics, super rarities, and new innovative sounds. That’s why it’s no surprise to see Justin still on a top of his game, playing all important clubs both in NYC and around the world. His latest visit to Beats in Space brought us another remarkable mix that we loved listening to. Leftfield electronica spiced up with some acid and haunting vocals make this mix a must listen for music heads.

Cleveland - Planet Cleveland #4

Planet Cleveland show is back on Red Light Radio! After a short break during the holidays, our favorite eclectic paradise is back in full force. Like in previous editions of the show, Cleveland handpicked rare beautiful eclectic tunes for ultimate home listening enjoyment. 

Superpitcher - Mayan Warrior, Tulum 2018

Hippie Dance founder and one part of Pachanga Boys, Superpitcher is one of the biggest influencers in underground electronic music. He’s been around for almost 20 years and his albums and EPs are one of the cult ones in electronic music history. Last year Superpitcher released a mammoth 24 track album named ‘The Golden rave days’ which was divided into 2 tracks per EP/month. That magnificent package is for sure one of the highlights of 2017. This year’s Mayan Warrior party in Tulum welcomed Superpitcher for a 3hr set, and we are lucky enough to have an opportunity to listen to it at home. There’s no better way to describe the mix then the description that it came with it on Soundcloud: ‘After a few days and nights of cold, rainy weather, the sky’s looking clear and we can finally enjoy the stars at night. Spirits are high. The palm trees are full of colors and the Warrior is glowing and pounding out an energetic sound... It’s time for Superpitcher to take control of the situation. A three-hour journey through time and space, with hints of Africa, and a few other corners of the globe. References from past blending with sounds of the future in ways that only he could ever put together... Deep, psychedelic, timeless…’

Dave DK - FWD97

Dave DK is a super talented producer who’s style perfectly fits into Kompakt and Pampa records style. With attention to details and little tweaks that make all the difference, Dave’s productions have an authentic style which gained him support from many DJ’s and fellow producers around the world. This exclusive mix for FWD, an electronic music online platform, is beautiful and very well executed melodic and groovy set. Tracks by Dj Koze, Robag Wruhme, Four Tet and Dave Dk himself just to name a few are enough of a reason to press play and enjoy it.

The Drifter - Cast Adrift 01

The Drifter has started a brand new radio show called Cast Adrift, which will be broadcasted every last Tuesday in a month on Dublin Digital radio. This will be a magnificent opportunity to hear what one of the DJ’s who has the broadest musical knowledge at the scene has cooking in his Rekorbox on a monthly basis. Expect 2 hrs of exceptional tunes curated by mr.Drifty! 

Pye Corner Audio - The Darkest Wave
Fred Berthet - Addiction (Malcolm Remix)
Charlotte Gainsburg - Deadly Valentine (Soulwax Remix)
Marc Pinol - Cel Avall
Warp Factor 9 - The Atmospherian (Tornado Wallace Remix)
Mytron & Ofofo - Something on your Mind
Inigo Vontier - Aluxes
Hypnobeat - Kilian
Red Axes - Sipoor
Lower Dens - Candy (Steve Moore Remix)
Cowboy Rhythmbox - Tanz Exotique (Marvin & Guy Remix)
Kiani & His Legion - On A Quest
Desert Sound Colony - Tethered (The Drifter Remix)
Kuniyuki & Soul of Hex - Dampe
Pollyn - Falling Out of Place (In Flagranti Remix)
Maestro - Harmony (General Ludd Remix)
Shame On Us - NAAM
TYV - Miau!
Maria Rita Stumpf - Lamento Africano/Rictus (Joakim Remix)
Ponchetrain - Loose
Mental Overdrive - Bits
Levon Vincent - Only Good Things
I:Cube - Untitled
AEONIX - A Star Was Born (Charles Webster Remix)
Egopusher - Flake

Kristijan Molnar - All Night Long at 20/44, Belgrade

If you need a soundtrack for your all night home gathering with friends, we got you covered. The recording of Kristijan Molnar’s ‘All Night Long’ mix at infamous 20/44 club in Belgrade has a perfect progression and track selection. Just press play and concentrate more on those cocktails, music will be just perfect. 

Konduku - Nous'klaer Radio #17

A new member of Nous’klaer family, Konduku, delivered this fantastic dub minimal techno mix that we can’t get enough of. As mentioned on their Soundcloud page, Nous’sklaer will release Konduku’s debut release in few months, and we are so looking forward to.

Leif - Trax.255

Freerotation festival resident DJ, UK-based artist Leif has been known for his unique leftfield style both in music productions and his DJ sets. Leif doesn’t put many mixes online, so listening to the exclusive mix he made for TRAX magazine was a real enjoyment. 

Tropical Hi-Fi - Intro
7FO - Quiet Flash
Hello Skinny - Watermelon Sun
Burnt Friedman & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi  - YEK 122-12
Gamayun - Golden Ratio
Tom Ellis & Leif - Untitled (Unreleased)
Area - Rlgl
Leif - Number 13 (Forthcoming)
Innerzone Orchestra - Bug in the Bassbin (4hero Mix)
Max D - Bubblegum
Leif - Bluebird (Forthcoming)
Davey Kehoe - Storm Desmond
Metamatics ‎– Colmic Zeus

Jónbjörn Finnbogason - Lagaffe Tales @ Bloop Radio

Co-founder of Icelandic deep house record label Lagaffe Tales visited popular London based radio station, Bloop a few days ago and played a really nice mellow deep house set that has been on repeat in Fiction Lab for some time already. ‘Deep house’ term has been widely misinterpreted in the last couple of years, so if you are wondering what real deep house sounds like just press play and enjoy. 

Samo DJ - Radio 80 000 Munich mix

Samo Dj is an astonishingly talented artist that emerged from flourishing Stockholm’s underground music scene. He’s also co-founder of Born Free records. Samo DJ released various EP’s on labels such as Public Possession, The trilogy Tapes as well as L.I.E.S and his own Born Free. This exclusive mix is recording from his set for Radio 80 000 Munich. Powerful and trippy techno set, with acid and electro spices. 

Marvin & Guy - Fiction presents Retromatica 01.12.2018

We had a pleasure to host Marvin & Guy on January 12th and what a party that was. M&G showed to Brooklyn crowd what we already knew very well, that they are one of a kind and exceptionally good DJ’s. Here’s the recording of the first 2 hours of their 4hrs long set. It was quite special, we hope this recording can bring at least a bit of an atmosphere that we had at the house of yes that night! 

Sascha Funke - The Ransom Note mix

German veteran DJ and producer, Sascha Funke has been a staple to German underground electronic music scene since late 90’s. His releases on Kompakt and Bpitch in early 2000’s helped pushed electronic music forwards at that time. Some of his tracks from that period can still be heard in DJ sets all around the world. Funke’s exclusive mix for The Ransom Note is a clubby voyage that has very unique Sascha Funke staple all over it. Expect the unexpected, we loved it! 

Mathias Schober - Don't Forget the Moon #19

mr.Schober is back with a stunning mix for a popular Don’t forget the moon podcast. Lossless records co-founder delivered such an amazing dark and trippy voyage that will be on repeat in Fiction Lab for days to come! Outstanding track selection and a perfect blend of goldies from the past and unreleased gems set this set aside from your regular 1hr podcast.

Hunter/Game - Sunrise Set at Afterlife, Tulum 01.12.2018

Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bertola aka Hunter/Game have been one of the pioneers of Italian melodic techno alongside Tale of Us and mind Against which skyrocketed around 2010/11. Since then the duo has been touring the world regularly and playing all major festivals and nightclubs. The latest mix from hunter/game is a live recording from their sunrise set at the Afterlife party in majestic Tulum jungle. The set is trippy melodic techno perfectly executed for a sunrise in a paradise such is Tulum. 

Manuel Tur - NYE Special, Bloop Radio

There are not that many online mixes from Manuel Tur, so we were excited to listen to this NYE special, that Manuel made for Bloop Radio from London. On this mix, Manuel visited all corners of house music, from deep and dub to classic-vocal to tech-house. Fun listening.

Hue - Neizvestny

We are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing group of friends and music enthusiasts at Fiction Lab. Zach Huenink aka Hue is one of our contributors, but not only that he’s also super talented DJ. His mix named ‘Neizvestny’ caught our attention after the first track after we pressed play. Zach carefully picked the tracks for this mix and mixed them seamlessly. Very enjoyable, groovy and uplifting mix from Hue. Expect more of this from this talented fella! 

Bicep - Essential Mix December 2017

After their successful LP that was released a few months ago, Belfast duo Bicep got a well-deserved opportunity to do Essential Mix and present their style to broad masses who follow popular Pete Tong’s radio show. Bicep’s essential mix is one of our favorites from this series lately. It has a nice and smooth opening without rushing for banging. Later in a mix, things go more broken and more powerful with twists and turns recognizable for Bicep. 

1 Bush Society by Mark Barrott
2 Leo by RJ
3 Dream Machine (Edit) by Fantastic Man
4 351 Nation by Giraffi Dog
5 Atlantic 252 by Hammer
6 Oh Ah Oh Ah Oh (John Talabot Edit) by Tons of Tones
7 Lamb Shift by Lake People
8Celestial Bodies (Imre Kiss “Crisis ’91” Mix) by Norwell
9 Selene by Jacob Korn
10 Love Cult by Ursa’s Reef
11Touch Absence (Edit) by Lanark Artefax
12 Recovery by Rival Consoles
13 Ambient Rave (Nightmare Edit) by Claude Speeed
14 Ball & Chain by Shinra
15 Abyssal Zone by Djedjotronic
16 Smokin by Randomer
17 80017A by Lanngman
18 Superfreak (Super Freak-A-Pella) by Wink
19 Untitled by Untitled
20 B-Jam by Dan Cough
21 Makin’ Me Feel (Edit) by Urban Myths
22 The Tower Of Naphtali by CJ Bolland
23 end E2 by Aphex Twin
24 Raincry (Spiritual Thirst) by God Within
25 Belle Epoque by Modaji

NU - Saga Chapter  II

The second chapter of infamous Saga, a music voyage by NU who is one of the pioneers of so-called keta-house, a pitched-down house music that became synonymous for festivals like Burning man and beach parties in Tulum. The first Saga chapter has hundreds of thousands of plays and we are sure the second chapter will light with the same shine. NU’s talent to incorporate music from different sides of the world into a perfectly balanced mix is undeniable. This is yet another masterpiece from super talented NU!