Ripperton - Sight Seeing LP

by Isabel Thomson Officer

Ripperton latest double LP Sightseeing out on ESP Institute is a magnificent 15 track ambient musical journey. The fourth album from the talented Swiss producer who’s discography stretches back close to 20 years, is his first release on the well-respected North American label run by LA based Lovefingers.

As a touring DJ and producer, it should come as no surprise that the album is the outcome of spending so much time on airplanes crossing vast areas of land and sea. Describing Sight Seeing to Resident Advisor, Ripperton says it was inspired by “expansive landscapes and views from airplane windows” and speaking to XLR8R he says that the album is essentially “postcards to himself, messages from his subconscious recorded on tape.”

Taking a break from his usual dance floor productions, the collection of ambient tunes that flows seamlessly from one to the other is an absolute masterpiece in electronica and chill out music. As his first ambient album that encapsulates floating, dreamlike and almost ethereal sounds, it’s the kind of album that is the perfect accompaniment to throw on when it’s time for some reflective ‘me’ time. It no doubt goes deliciously hand in hand with a yoga or meditation session, or something to simply throw on at the end of a big night when it’s time to wind down and catch some much needed shut eye. 

Capturing those melancholic instances that are a part of every touring DJ’s life, Ripperton has produced the audio equivalent of a much needed ‘pause’ - that moment when it’s time to stop and reflect on the fast-paced world around you. Sightseeing is without a doubt a beautiful journey through sound that is incredibly grounding and proof artists will and can defy our expectations even when we have them pigeonholed in one particular genre. Whilst we will always love his knack for dancefloor numbers, we hope that this won’t be Ripperton’s first and last dabble in ambient electronic music.