PREMIERE: Kiani & His Legion - Somdo Raptors [SoHaSo]

by Jelena Drenjakovic

Rising Belgian artist Thomas Neyens (a.k.a. Kiani & His Legion) has crafted an invigorating listen, littered with a balmy fog of pads billowing like curtains in a breeze, perfectly complimenting the burbling synths levitating in mid-air and spiraling off into the starry ether.

Bathed in bittersweet ambience, with dashes of droning micro samples riddling its spine, 'Somdo Raptors' is embellished with beautifully melancholic yet trance-induced synths that carry a host of associations with them. Thomas Neyes masterfully utilizes the sonic illusion of high and low to perpetually shape-shift the track’s slippery outlines. The result is a compelling story, in which rhythms are fluid, warmth is the key, and fine morning excitement is guaranteed.

‘Somdo Raptors’ is set to be released on the Dutch imprint Something Happening Somewhere [SoHaSo] as one out of 12 tracks unified under the NOWHERE compilation series, featuring new offerings from the likes of Sigward, Quince, Patlac, Love Over Entropy, Kurt Baggaley, Mayaku, Tracey and Fader From Borneo. NOWHERE01 is available 30 March (vinyl) 9 April (digital).
Artwork by Quentin Deronzier