Doyeq - Damp Thoughts (Love Over Entropy's 'M' is for Moody remix) [Manjumasi]

by Isabel Thomson - Officer

Love Over Entropy’s remix of Moscow duo Doyeq’s “Damp Thoughts” is one of three tracks on the Cathedral EP. The first release in 2018 on San Francisco Bay Area favorite Atish and Mark Slee’s label Manjumasi, the EP also features another remix by the popular Spanish duo Audiofly. As always, LOE’s remix is a stunning melodic lesson in complex production from the Dutch producer.

Injecting the original track with his signature sophisticated style, Love Over Entropy adds several melodic layers ranging from a bouncing bassline to higher synths and alto melodies. Upping the BPM just a fraction, the veteran producer’s remix is textured and sophisticated. Invoking melancholic emotions, the result is finely balanced between hauntingly beautiful and brightly uplifting.

Given the high calibre of this magnificent EP, this is a stunning start of the year for the Manjumasi imprint. If Atish’s incredible talent as a DJ and impeccable selector is anything to go by, then Manjumasi will no doubt continue to deliver deep and complex grooves from emerging artists through to industry stalwarts.