Best New Mixes from March

by Gilles Wasserman

We have compiled a list of our favorite mixes from the month of March to accompany this beautiful weather. As you got used on it already, the list contains everything from ambient to peak time techno. We are sure you'll find something that suits your mood. 

Ripperton - XLR8R Ambient Mix

After the release of his long-awaited brilliant ambient album on ESP Institute, Ripperton made a special ambient mix for XLR8R and it suits perfectly as a continuation of the whole atmosphere that followed his latest release. Arguably one of the best music diggers in the scene, Ripperton never fails to impress us with his selections of music. This mix is like a little cousin of ‘piece of art’ album that Swiss maestro released a few months ago. When Ripperton plays, we sit down and listen :)

Vladimir Ivkovic - Phonica Mix Series 46

Vladimir Ivkovic is Serbian artist based in Germany who’s been a long time resident of infamous Düsseldorf nightclub - Salon des Amateurs. Vladimir also runs Offen Music, a record label that released a fantastic LP from Ivan Smagghe and Rupert Cross last year. He also manages Loco Dice’s record label, Desolat. With his unique style of playing hidden gems and often not 4x4 music, Vladimir Ivkovic is internationally recognized and tours the world regularly. This mix is exclusive for an infamous record store in London - Phonica Records and their podcast series. It’s masterfully executed mix that is filled with tracks that you don’t get a chance to hear often. A true music paradise. 

Kornel Kovacs - MDC 182

Kornel Kovacs is Stockholm based artists and one of the Studio Barnhaus label bosses alongside Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist. Both his production and DJ sets usually have a ‘feel good’ element and it’s always a pleasure to listen to them. The exclusive mix Kornel made for Melbourne Deepcast is a fabulous representation of what he plays out lately. It’s house music that will put a smile on your face.

Powel - Deeper Sounds

Yet another stunning mix from one of our favorite artists, Powel. His ability for storytelling through DJing sets him apart from others, and it’s always such a pleasure to listen to what he brings to the table. This mix is recording from Deep Sounds radio Show at Ibiza Underground, and it’s Powel at his best. Enjoy the true dreamer style house music.

Andy Warren b2b Ginkgo - Innerflight Podcast 85

The duo behind ‘Believe You Me’ parties in Portland, Andy Warren and Ginkgo, is responsible for some of the most memorable parties that happened in Portland in the last couple of years. Both Andy and Gingko are great music curators and their impeccable taste can be heard in this amazing mix recorded live on last years Occasion Vibration party in Portland. It’s the first part of a 3hrs set which has such a beautiful music progression and track selection. It’s a brilliant warm-up set that goes perfectly with your morning coffee. 

Oceanic - RA/DGTL Amsterdam

Dutch electronic music has always been a home to some of the most talented producers and DJs. In last few years we have a group of labels like Nous’klaer Audio, SoHaSo, Dekmantel, Atomnation to name few that keep pushing electronic music into new horizons. The producer who is part of this Dutch ‘gang’ and certainly gives a special and unique touch to the whole scene is Oceanic. His remixes, edits and original productions are played by biggest names in underground music scene; his DJ mixes always take you to a special and unexplored place. The same situation is with his latest mix for infamous Dutch festival brand DGTL, for whom he played at the end of the March at RA stage alongside Tom Trago, Man Power, and Nathan Fake to name few. The mix of downtempo, breakbeat, acid and wicked techno makes this mix a true musical treasure.

The Drifter - Cast Adrift 03

It looks like Maeve co-founder, The Drifter has a permanent spot on this list with his Cast Adrift radio show. It’s his third installment and the mixes are just getting better and better. It’s real enjoyment listening to what this super talented Irishman presents every month. For March edition, The Drifter chooses to go little groovier and deeper than the last month. Enjoy the brand new tracks from Aera, Space Dimension Controller, Hammer and Mathias Schober just to name few, while you’re drifting away with the latest mix from the one and only - The Drifter. 

Pablo Bolivar - Live at Do Not Sit on The Furniture

Seven Villas label boss, Pablo Bolivar paid a visit to the States recently with a gig in infamous Miami night Club - Do Not Sit on the Furniture. Popular music platform When We Dip published the recording of his 2.5 hrs from his Do Not Sit set which shows us why Pablo is one of the best selectors in the game. Groovy and bouncy vibe throughout the set gave us just a glimpse of atmosphere that Pablo created at one of the best nightclubs in Miami. 

Sandrino - Flux FM mix

One part of infamous duo Frankey and Sandrino and Our next guest at Antidote party series, Sandrino made an exclusive mix for Flux FM radio a few weeks ago. An hour-long podcast is filled with gems from labels like Sum Over Histories, Permanent Vacation, Innervisions, Hivern Discs and Compost Records to name few. We are looking forward to hosting Sandrino once again in Brooklyn for a new installment of Antidote, alongside Aera. 

Laurent Garnier - TSUGI Podcast 500

Arguably one of the biggest legends in electronic music, the French techno virtuoso, Laurent Garnier seems like he doesn’t want to slow down. Even after almost 30 years being active on the scene, Garnier keeps pushing boundaries of electrnic music both with his productions as well as his performances. His DJ sets are usually the ‘marathon ones’, 6+ hours, and he makes sure to take you for a quite a ride. This time we have a ‘podcast version’ of Garnier’s DJ set but nonetheless, it’s one hour of peak time party material. Exclusively made for popular French magazine Tsugi, Laurent Garnier reminds us once again why is he still the one and only! 

Chymera - Invite's Choice Podcast 480

Irish artist based in Berlin, Chymera has been on the international music scene for almost 20 years. His phenomenal productions that comfortably sit somewhere in between house and techno have been recognized by the biggest names in the electronic music scene and been released on labels like Delsin, Cocoon, Connaisseur to name few. Chymera’s exclusive mix for Invite’s Choice Podcast I one of our favorite mixes lately. A perfectly executed techno set that has immaculate progression and atmosphere. 

Ruede Hagelstein - XLR8R mix, March 2018

Ruede’s latest mix for XLR8R is a fantastic dub techno journey. Ruede didn’t rush with this one, it slowly unfolds and goes places without reaching an actual peak moment in the mix. Lately, we heard mostly live sets from Ruede but this mix showed his undoubted DJ skills shining to the fullest. Amazing mix.

Aera - Permanent Vacation Takeover at Rinse FM

Our next guest at Antidote party series alongside Sandrino will be a super talented producer from Germany - Aera. His long-awaited debut LP ‘The Sound Path’ released via infamous Permanent Vacation saw the light of the day on April 6th. This exclusive mix was part of Permanent Vacation takeover of Rinse FM radio where Aera played alongside Pional, Lord of the Isles, TB and Benjamin Frohlich to name few. Aera’s broad music knowledge never fails to impress and for this mix, he decided to give more of an acid and electro touch. We are so looking forward to May 4th and new Antidote with Aera and Sandrino!

LOR - Get Physical Radio #329

Gregory Ferguson aka LOR is featured on a regular basis on Fiction Lab and it’s for a reason. The Northern Irishman has been on a rise with each new release. His latest EP is for infamous Get Physical Music, and it’s true tour de force. In a light of that release, LOR made this exclusive mix for GPM. As powerful as his latest EP, LOR doesn’t shift into lower gear at any moment during this amazing 1hr podcast. After hours music at its best. 

Dominik Eulberg - Eskapismus-Etappe Großtrappe

It’s time for another mind-bending mix by Dominik Eulberg. The German techno mastermind always puts state of the art mixes online and it’s a real enjoyment listening to them. The latest mix named Eskapismus-Etappe Großtrappe is no exception. Immaculate progression and track selection are something that Dominik accustomed to us in his mixes. It’s an exceptional one! Enjoy

Four Tet - Essential Mix 03-17-2018

We don’t need a special introduction for astonishingly talented British musician Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet. With his unique productions and impeccable performing skills, Four Tet has brought electronic music to a different level. His addition to infamous Essential mix series on BBC 1 radio is pure gold. Eclectic and unique, you don’t hear mixes like this every day. From techno, electronica to pop and R’n’B this mix certainly goes places.

Hammer - DHA mix #350

Belfast based artist Hammer has his new EP released on brilliant Feel my Bicep imprint. Known for his ‘feel good’ style in productions, Hammer doesn’t go much different when DJing. His exclusive mix for our friends Deep House Amsterdam is a mix that goes very well with sunny spring weather which is upon us. It’s uplifting, it’s melodic, it’s positive, it’s one great mix! 

Lazaros - Goethebunker Podcast #42

Lazaros is a Greek DJ and producer based in Berlin. In last couple of years, we’ve seen his releases being played by leading DJ’s on the electronic music scene. He’s gain support by labels such as Nautilus Rising, KX, and Sum over Histories. Lazaros’ DJ skills are equally astonishing as his production skills, and he shows that with every new mix that pops up online. The latest mix of his is exclusive for Goethebunker’s (nightclub in Essen, Germany) podcast series. It’s a mesmerizing deep and melodic music tale. It’s a perfect companion for your night out preparations. 

Lauer - NSA Guest Mix vol.30

One part of popular disco-house duo Tuff City Kids, Phillip Lauer, or just Lauer for short made this incredible ‘feel good’ mix for NSA music platform. A resident of Robert Johnson, arguably the best club in the world, knows how to create a special atmosphere when playing. This mix goes perfectly with beautiful spring weather and it’ll instantly make you feel better.

Terr - Permanent Vacation Takeover at Rinse FM

Daniela Caldellas aka Terr is Brazilian artist based in Barcelona that keeps rising with each new release she puts out. The Terr project started in 2016, after the initial release on Scuba’s Hotflush, releases on Midnight with TCK remixes and recently release on Permanent Vacation followed. Terr’s passion for analog gear can be heard in 80’s influenced electro style in her original productions. During the Permanent Vacation Takeover on Rinse FM, Terr showed us her DJ skills as well. Nu-wave, electro style mix goes hand in hand with her productions. We look forward hearing what’s new coming out form this incredibly talented artist.