Tunnelvisions - Ritual I

by Zach Huenink

Tribal house lovers rejoice, as Raynor de Groot and Emiel van den Dungen aka Tunnelvisions have just released their first EP (out of four!!) of 2018. Titled ‘Ritual I’, the two track EP adds to their growing list of releases on Applescal’s fine Atomnation imprint. One of which, ‘Guava’, has been burning through sets and mixes alike and even been given an acid bath by Aera, but I digress as that is another post all in itself. 

'Mbosa’s Light' from the very get go teases you with a melody that is often times heard flitting through the heavy percussion and darting around the rhythmic chanting. You can certainly tell the South American, Caribbean and African sounds that Tunnelvisions count as their influences are in full effect. As the track progresses, the combination of all three elements result in a great burst of energy as the crescendo is reached and the melody takes over for the duration of the track.

Going down a more serious side from Mbosa’s Light, is Nalulu's Sand. Continuing on with the heavy tribal influences, the track builds and builds into a real driving groove. The haunting melody is ever present as compared to Mbosa’s Light, taking the focus away from the disembodied chants that appear every so often in both tracks.