High 5 - The Drifter

The artist who over the years has built a cult following with each of his visits to NYC, Maeve co-founder The Drifter, is a usual suspect here at Fiction Lab. Whether it’s his innovative productions, unique remixes or mesmerizing music tales in form of podcasts or live recordings, the Drifter’s talent never fails to impress us. In the last couple of months, we’ve been enjoying his Cast Adrift radio show that broadcasts each month via Dublin Digital Radio. The radio show is a perfect opportunity to hear a side of him that most of the party goers don’t usually get to hear. One of the most talented music diggers in the underground electronic music scene, The Drifter is pushing the boundaries with every new edition. 
Each show, a unique story in itself, is made of hand-picked tracks ranging from ambient, downtempo to warm up and peak-time tracks.
We are delighted to have The Drifter for High 5 here at Fiction Lab. These are the 5 tracks that The Drifter has been digging lately, some of them can be heard in his Cast Adrift radio shows. So you can also hear how these tracks sound in action. 

To give this High 5 selection a personal touch, The Drifter wrote a small write up for each track

photo credit: Charlie Doran

Syclops - Spin Cycle

More dancefloor freakout genius from Maurice Fulton


Perel - Alles

Cool catchy kraut new wave from the very talented Perel


Daso - Daybreak

The recent very sad passing of talented producer Daso. Here's one of my faves.


Mother of Mars - Seed 2 Sky (Ess O Ess' No Wobble Cuts Remix) 

Love this tune. Warm, hypnotic and that bass stab drop bit is really great :)


Jonathan Fitoussi / Clemens Hourrière - Basalt Columns

More goodness from this french duo on Versatile. From their new album, super stuff. I could have picked any track. Check it.