Best New Mixes from April

by Gilles Wasserman 

Radio shows, live recordings, podcasts, ambient, techno, house, break beat...The list of mixes that we enjoyed the most in April has music for any given time of the day...and night. Mixes are listed in no particular order.

Mary Yalex - The Monday is Ok

Incredibly talented producer hailing from Leipzig, Germany, Mary Yalex, caught our attention with her recent EP released via mighty KANN record label. Mary’s latest ambient mix for The Ransom Note is a beautiful spring music tale. An ambient heaven that will go hand in hand with your morning coffee. It will for sure make Mondays feel ok. 

Tracey - SoHaSo Podcast 031

It’s always exciting when we discover and feature a new artist in Fiction Lab. This time we have Tracey, Amsterdam based producer and DJ whose track was featured on the latest Nowhere compilation released via Nuno Dos Santos’ SoHaSo imprint. In the light of the release of ‘Nowhere’ compilation, Tracey made an exclusive mix for marvelous SoHaSo podcast series. The mix is a true piece of art gradually progressing from ambient and dubby sounds to break beat, electro, and IDM. We are looking forward hearing what’s new is coming from this super talented Dutch artist.

Lena Willikens & Vladimir Ivkovic

Salon Des Amateurs residents, Lena Willikens & Vladimir Ivkovic were one of the headliners at the Brazilian edition of Dekmantel festival in Sao Paolo few weeks ago. Their full 4hrs set was published recently and what a journey that recording is! Acid, IDM, Techno, experimental…everything we like about electronic music is in one place. Such an amazing set! 

Charlotte Bendiks - Groove Podcast 154

With releases on labels like Hivern Discs and Comeme, Norwegian rising star, Charlotte Bendiks attracted attention on her work from many DJs and fans around the world. Her latest mix for infamous German music magazine, Groove, and their podcast is as she mentioned in the interview ‘a calling for summer’ mix. A groovy journey that certainly goes places, from industrial to new wave to Nu Disco and Techno, this mix will keep you dancing.

Roman Flügel - Podcast for Butterside Up, Leeds

The artist who we pay the biggest respect to, the artist that inspired so many producers and DJ’s over his 20+years on the scene, the artist who makes timeless music, the artist who plays one of a kind DJ sets…two words…Roman Flugel. A few weeks ago Roman published his mix from 2014 on Soundcloud which was a podcast for Butterside Up festival in Leeds. His talent to produce timeless music can be recognized in his mixes as well. This mix is so much on point still, even in the times we live in when trends in electronic music come and go very fast. A true living legend, Roman Flugel. 

John Talabot & Kléo - Dekmantel Radio

Hivern Discs label boss and one of the most popular DJs in the underground electronic music scene, John Talabot paid his visit to infamous Red Light Radio in Amsterdam where he shared 2hrs slot with Café Belgique resident, Kleo. 2hrs of a slow-mo house from top selectors like John Talabot and Kleo are, is always a treat for every music lover.

Ripperton - Live at Caprices Festival April 2018

There’s not much to add about the legendary Swiss artist, Ripperton, and not to repeat ourselves. He’s a rare bread of artist that are equally talented in a studio as well as behind the booth. Ripperton’s DJ sets are often like a music class that you have to pay close attention to. In April Swiss maestro played at the infamous Caprices Festival in Swiss mountains. This is the 1hr extract from his set and it’s uplifting house heaven. We can just imagine how did track by Move D, Edward, Iron Curtis and new upcoming Ripperton’s remix of Jimi Jules sound on a top of the Swiss mountains.

The Drifter - Cast Adrift 04

The new Cast Adrift podcast is here. The Drifter's radio show continues to shine with each new episode. For April installment, Drifter decided to start around 110 BPM electronica, genre which is incredibly rich with fantastic music and still not over used. As a master of DJing, The Drifter takes the mix slowly step by step to a party mode without listener noticing it. This has become our favorite radio show very easily.   

Benjamin Fröhlich - Christallization #215

Permanent Vacation label boss, Benjamin Fröhlich is back with yet another incredibly fresh mix. This time it’s exclusive for Kristijan Molnar’s popular Christalization radio show. Benjamin always presents such a great new music in his mixes and this time is no exception. Very positive and uplifting vibe in the mix makes it a perfect companion for a sunny spring walk in the park. 

Cleveland - The Lot Radio 03/24/18

Ahead of his magnificent performance at our Antidote party in March, incredibly talented Brussel’s based artist, Cleveland paid a visit to the infamous The Lot Radio in Brooklyn. His talent to seamlessly change vibe and atmosphere when playing is best heard in this mix. Breaks, driving percussions, haunting melodies, this mix goes places and will make you dance almost instantly. 

Matt Karmil - DJ Mag Podcast 90

UK based producer Matt Karmil released a phenomenal album via Smalltown Supersound and in the light of that, he made this magnificent DJ mix exclusively for popular music platform DJ Mag. The mix is house and atmospheric, it had very cool mood changes thought the mix which makes it very interesting for listening.

Axel Boman - Phonica Mix Series 47

Incredible Swedish artist and Studio Barnhaus mastermind, Axel Boman made an exclusive mix for infamous Phonica Records store in London and their podcast, Phonica Mix Series. As unique as you can expect when it comes from Axel Roman, this mix is truly remarkable. Every single track in the mix is perfectly placed and create an exceptional music tale that has been on have repeat in Fiction Lab.

Mattheis - BAR Radio#46

Mattheis is the artist who has built his name as a prolific producer and as one of the main forces of Rotterdam’s Nous’klaer Audio record label in the last couple of years. His uplifting productions spiced with a trancey touch found a way to crates of many DJs around the world. His latest set from BAR Radio Show in Rotterdam is a bit slower escapade than we usually hear from this incredibly talented Dutchman, but it’s equally exceptional. The mix changes atmospheres often during the mix and it bounces from break beat and electro to percussion-driven techno. Very enjoyable 1hr mix. 

Tsepo - ZeeZout Podcast 063

Amsterdam’s usual suspect and Shelter resident, Tsepo delivers an energetic mix for Zeezout, music platform from Amsterdam. This time Tsepo decided to go full Detroit mode for this mix. He mad a true ode to the City that is techno and house music mecca, the city that influenced generations of incredible DJ’s and producers around the world. Almost a 2hrs of Tsepo’s Detroit magic will get you in a proper party mode

Fort Romeau - Slowciety Radio Show

Super cool French record label Slowciety often invites our favorite artists for their radio show on Rinse FM radio. This time they welcomed incredibly talented Cin Cin record label head honcho Fort Romeau to join them in their 2hr music journey. The first hour is reserved for a set from Slowciety residents and features some of the new and upcoming tracks by Core, Aera, Jonathan Kaspar to name few. The second hour is reserved for Cin Cin goodies mixed by Fort Romeau!

Joe Foxton - EG Spotlight 042

One of our co-founders and residents, Joe Foxton’s got a great opportunity to introduce himself to broader audience with his latest mix for popular music platform Electronic Groove for which he also gave an amazing interview where he talks about the NY scene and what’s new happening on his personal plan and with Fiction. This opportunity Joe took with both hands and delivered an outstanding mix that represents his style lately in the best light.

Atish - Afterhour sounds Podcast 134

Manjumasi head honcho, Listed Productions all-star and our dear friend, Atish, made a fantastic mix for popular Berlin music platform - Afterhour Sounds. As the name of the platform implies, their focus is more on darker after-hours music and vibe. We enjoyed listening to the darker side of Atish since we don’t have many opportunities to hear him going down this road. As immaculate as his previous mixes, the latest Atish’s mix is one of a kind music journey that has been on repeat here in Fiction Lab. 

Jonathan Kaspar - at Gewöble Cologne 04/28/18

Cologne-based DJ and producers, Jonathan Kaspar found his place among the ‘underground electronic music stars’ thanks to his melodic and groovy productions which were released via labels like KX, Objektivity and Crosstown Rebels to name few. A few weeks ago Jonathan shared a DJ booth with Redshape at the infamous Gewoble club in Cologne. The live recording of his opening set is available for listening pleasure on Soundcloud. It’s a set with great music progression and amazing track selection. Very well balanced warm-up set that never lacked excitement and never went too hard throughout the mix. 

In2Deep - When We Dip Radio #55

After featuring exclusive track here on Fiction Lab for free download by Montreal based In2Deep, he’s back in our Lab, this time with a mesmerizing deep house mix for popular music platform When We Dip which broadcasts its show via infamous Ibiza Sonica Radio. In2Deep’s mix is a beautiful deep house escapade that stays true to the genre while incorporating jazzy and breakbeat moments just to add excitement to the flow. Great programming and mixing show that In2Deep is not a just talented producer but an exceptional DJ as well. 

Ben Hoo - We Are Night People #200

London based artist, Ben Hoo is no stranger to the international electronic music scene. With releases on Kindisch, Ovum and Get Physical and numerous remixes for some of the industry heavy weights like Moby, Tricky,  Fever Ray and Tiga, this multi-talented producer and DJ has built a very respectable name for himself. His weekly radio show ‘We are Night People’ broadcasts on Ibiza Sonica and Pioneer DJ Radio. In April we specifically enjoyed the landmark 200th episode of his show which is such a pleasurable music escapade. Deep and atmospheric, this mix is an amazing companion for late nights and after hours