Delayed with...The Drifter

We are delighted to have one of our absolute favorites here at Delayed for the latest installment of ‘Delayed with…’ series, The Drifter. Maeve co-founder’s been very busy lately balancing between studio time, running his dope radio show Cast Adrift and being one of the busiest touring DJs in the underground music scene. We are super happy that he managed to find the time and make this incredible mix for us.

Long awaited maeve compilation ‘Heavy Rotations’ is set to be released on June 8th. The multifaceted package features such amazing talents like Mano Le Tough, Isolee, Mattheis, Oliver Deutschmann, Ed Davenport and the man himself The Drifter, just to name a few. If you listen closely to this mix, you’ll get a taste of what to expect when release ‘hits the shelves’ on June 8th.This mix is a fantastic representation of Drifter’s style when playing out. Marvelous progression, track selection and as we got used on it, immaculate transitioning make us proud to host mix like this here at Delayed.
NYC crowd can’t wait for annual summer sail with The Drifter, which has become a tradition and is arguably one of the best boat parties in NYC. This year we’ll sail with Drifty on July 21st. 
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