DJ Healer - Nothing 2 Loose LP

by Isabel Thomson Officer

Hailing from the mysterious producer of many monikers, ‘Nothing 2 Loose’ is a stunning ambient album from the artist formerly known as the Prince of Denmark or Traumprinz but this time under a brand new alias, DJ Healer. Dropping the LP rather suddenly back in April via a cryptic website that announced the sale alongside another album called ‘Mudshadow Propaganda’ also introducing a new name by Prime Minister of Doom, both albums sold out almost immediately; we were fortunate enough to get our hands on them.

Not much is known about this artist who thrives on anonymity. Preferring to communicate when it suits via a Soundcloud account where it was announced Prince of Denmark would be no more as well as the end of his association with the label Giegling, the mystery surrounding this talent’s identity has built a cult following, sparking intrigue amongst die hard fans all over the world.

Nothing 2 Loose’ expands on a 2016 release under the name DJ Metatron where spiritual overtones in the mysterious artist’s impressive repertoire were first introduced. Encompassing 11 tracks all with aptly named tracks that clearly give a nod to religion and one’s spiritual journey, ‘Nothing 2 Loose’ conjures up vivid imagery of the eternal, sublime, and of course the divine. It’s easy to picture holy scenes of heavenly clouds with rays of golden sunshine, bright lights and angels as you listen to the album from start to finish.

The opening track “At Last” borrows from Medieval gospel music with its angelic choir that is both beautiful and melancholic at the same time. The album is peppered with vocals throughout including on “2 The Dark”, lyric sampling on the track “God’s Creation”, “The Interview”, “Gone” and “Protectionspell”, whereas “Planet Lonely” is reminiscent of Massive Attack back in the nineties with it’s drum ‘n’ bass style beat and vocal sampling. “We Are Going Nowhere” is one of our favorites coming in at 12 minutes with beautiful chord harmonies and a hypnotic beat, a track that fits perfectly during a sunrise set and probably the most dancefloor friendly number on the album.