FREE DOWNLOAD - In2Deep & DOTT - Unknown (Original Mix)

by Nicko Fier

“Unknown”, a timeless track from In2Deep & DOTT is available for free download via Fiction lab! 

Just a few months ago, In2Deep showcased his versatility with “Jams”, a dubby vinyl EP on Lumières La Nuit. DOTT, a new artist on my radar with releases on the likes of Little Helpers also crushed his latest production "Cosmic Dancer” released on Tools and Stuff Records. The two artists merged to deliver this beautiful piece, a great addition to your arsenal of tracks. 

Very rarely do you find a track that lets you move freely, both mentally and physically. The variety of textures it brings to the dance floor combines so well with the tight percusion flow. A perfect track for those late night, early morning sets. Beautifully created with the intent to break musical boundaries.

With a deep house core architecture, the track starts off with a dreamy state of mind. In2Deep & DOTT quickly lay out a groovy percussion that provides an energy boost to the sound. A well executed bass line moves the dance floor keeping the dance aficionados alive and apprehensive. You can’t escape this track, whether you’re fan of the melancholic or you lean  more towards a rhythmically curated sound, it will keep you plugged in and rooted to the dance floor.

Head to our SoundCloud page for a free download of the track.