PREMIERE: Phunkadelica - Microcosmo (Original Mix) [Engrave Ltd]

by Nicko Fier

Last year’s debut EP ‘Intergalactico’ by mysterious duo Phunkadelica released via Engrave Ltd gained recognition from many DJ’s and producers on the underground music scene. Almost a year after Phunkadelica returns to Engrave Ltd with a 'Iperspazio' EP which features three original tracks and two stunning remixes from Underspreche and Enzo Elia.
We are delighted to premiere the track Microcosmo, which has a potential to be a big summer hit!

Phunkadelica showcases their technological daydream style with this new track “Microcosmo”.
A massive cosmic synth followed by a 80’s inspired baseline is introduced at the begging of the track, leaving you wondering what is to come next. Showcasing a complex sound design which limits the need for an intricate drum loop.

Phunkadelica play with the audience emotions through a melancholy and very dramatic build up leading to a complete bliss of sound. Right when you think the track is done, Phunkadelica does a great job at re-building the sound atmosphere again and has you moving on the dance floor. The end of the track is a truly mysterious and awkward yet perfect way to finish of this piece.
Iperspazio Ep will be released via Engrave Ltd on June 29th