Melatonin Man - ‘Cruise Control Love’ EP

by Isabel Thomson Officer

‘Cruise Control Love’ is the debut full EP from Melatonin Man aka Tammo Hesselink out now on Dutch label Nous’klaer Audio. After dropping “Garrol” on the Paerels compilation, now he’s back to impress us with three stellar tracks on this beautiful first full release. 

As a resident at famed Amsterdam club De School, this artist is a promising producer on the rise in The Netherlands and one we’ll be watching closely. Finding a home on Nous’klaer Audio which has been chartered by the likes of Dominque Eulberg, Upsammy and Mattheis, for a second release and first EP it’s certainly not bad company at all to find your feet beside.

Opening with the title track “Cruise Control Love”, an acid bassline takes center stage which is complemented by an arpeggiating melody. As dreamy synths join, the track takes on a slightly eighties, nuwave-esque feel driven by the snare and ravey bassline. 


Next up, “To Allocate” opens with long, wavering synths followed by an intriguing breakbeat bass line which soon translates into the drums and percussion as it migrates from muffled hand drums to what sounds like a full drum kit with hi-hats. Trancey with just a hint of melody, this intriguing track joins ethereal synths with breakbeat creating a seriously cool soundscape, pushing the envelope and blurring the line of four to the floor.

To close “My Head is a Tornado” starts with a strong percussive beat and trance-like vibe. Arpeggiating melodic synths chime in creating a tripped out track with hints of drum ‘n’ bass blended with breakbeat. Hypnotic to the point it’s almost meditative, this one is going to be on repeat for a while!