PREMIERE: Atish & Bengal - Tortoise [Manjumasi]

by Zach Huenink

Quality over quantity is at the heart of Atish’s musical outlook and why we here at Fiction have no qualms in helping debut one of his latest musical collaborations. Releasing on July 5th, Atish and Bengal have come together to produce an intricate and evocative track, ‘Tortoise’ that, unlike it’s namesake is not slow and plodding but rather introspective, and upbeat. From the beginning, listeners are greeted with whisperings and as the track builds, beautiful soaring pads that continue throughout. The track’s build though is where I think the magic lies, elements shifting into focus, each with a delicate melodic touch that help push this over the top. Tortoise is out on the 5th via Manjumasi, along with tracks by additional collaborators Tim Engelhardt, and Mark Slee.