Meditation Tunnel - La La La

by Slav Ka

Are you are suffering from music review fatigue? Do all those fancy words and clever observations blend in your head into one hot ball of "la la la"? Now you don’t have to suffer in silence and we, at FictionLab, have identified a cure for you.  Press play on Meditation Tunnel's La La La and you'll quickly get transported into the wonderfully catchy refrain of the track and, as you travel along your musical journey, you'll discover wonderfully diverse rhythms that bubble up behind the refrain.  Please shift your attention from the rhythm to discover all the subtleties of the track that manifest a rather wide and diverse palette of sounds and melodies that only a true musician can create.  You'll also travel...hey!..excuse me!  You're not listening!  Where are you going?! Oh, my sincerest apologies; it's that fatigue again.  Well, "La La La", dear reader!