PREMIERE: Nathan Surreal - The Dreams [Native Response]

by Nicko Fier

Nathan Surreal explores the deep ends of music design and art. With his sound keeping it between Detroit and Chicago, Nathans music has lead him releasing four EP's from 2014 till 2016 on labels as KMS Records, Motech Records and Coincidence Records.

This time a brand new release from Nathan Surreal on Native Response from Amsterdam, truly lives up to its name. The track “ the dreams” is an absolute hazy design yet a groovy sound that will take you on a unknown adventure. A drum pattern ready to keep you shifting from side to side on the dance floor while maintaining an euphoric exp

erience. Nathan plays with so many sounds elements yet executed perfectly in harmony to keep this track alive and evolving.
‘The Dreams’ is part of phenomenal compilation simply named ‘004’ which will be released on July 6th via Native Response