High 5 - Kiani & His Legion

by Jelena Drenjakovic

In 2013, Thomas Neyens first blipped into view under his alias Kiani & His Legion with two releases on Red D’s We Play House Recordings  - the Records & Culture and WPH Grey Eps. With a string of top quality releases under his belt such as Defected Records, Eskimo Recording and Something Happening Somewhere, the Belgian continues to craft his rich sound world comprising of ethereal frequencies and hypnotizing melodies in equal measure. In the years following, Neyens kicked off Tanzbar Records—alongside Filip Grossard, Simon Nowak, and Tom Vandevenne - where he made his first appearance under his techno-leaning moniker Far Out Radio Systems. Today we are excited to bring 5 tracks to your attention that strongly resonate with Neyens’ techno-orientated soundscapes. To give this High 5 selection a personal touch, we are delighted to include a few words about each track from the artist himself.

Quin2 - Narcism Killed The Chameleon

Belgian relatively unknown gem now repressed on Nacht en Nevel


Mbulelo - Robotic People

Transmat is back, with huge releases. True techno music.


Vana Imago - Sintesi

RIP, Federico Franchi. This is probably my favourite trance EP of all time. This is the B2, but A1 and B1 are equally beautiful.


Circadian Rhythms - Sinh Session (June 26th Mix)

Best Belgian label of the moment. Should be out any day now.


Giraffe - Climate (Marco Shuttle's Moody Samba Treatment)

This track defines my love for electronic music