PREMIERE: Far Out Radio Systems - In A Moment Of Pure Being (4 A.M. Mix) [Tanzbar Records]

by Zach Huenink

People often say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what of a song? Take a single song and show it to a thousand people and you’re bound to get a thousand different interpretations, moods, reactions and opinions. Far Out Radio Systems latest offering aptly named, “Far Out Radio Systems Vol. 03” embodies that theory and more. The four tracks selected stretch from club centric to jungle and there and back again. Each full to the brim with a myriad of emotions and moments. With that being said, we here at Fiction have chosen, “In A Moment of Pure Being (4 A.M. Mix)” to premier in full and what a ride it is.

The track begins, with the sounds of birds chirping. Dipping in, and out of the background, as a lone piano melody floats in the midst. Progressing along, there is tension in the air as the hi-hats and snares come in, quickly followed by the kick and the track is rocketing off. Characteristically of many of his remixes and originals, the drums are in full effect and immediately recognizable and lend a heavy hand to the almost somber feeling of the track. Albeit there is a sense of hope once the melody returns in the second half.

Overall this is another great entry in the legacy of Far Out Radio Systems (aka Kiani and His Legion). This is vinyl only, off of Tanzbar Records, but don’t let that stop you from ordering it. Releases like these don’t come around too often and when they do, you should take note.