Best New Mixes from July 2018

by Gilles Wasserman

The list of mixes that we enjoyed listening the most in July is here. As you got used on it we are trying to make this list as diverse as possible so you can find a mix that fits any occasion. There are some beautiful ambient escapades, wicked podcasts and live club recordings. We are certain you'll find something that will suit your current mood. Mixes are listed in no particular order.

Lux - at Silent Green

Lux is back! After several months of not posting any new mixes, we were delighted to see that there’s a new mix by this phenomenal DJ form Leipzig. This time we’ve got such a beautiful ambient and downtempo journey recorded live at Odd Fantastic's concert at Silent Green Kulturquartier Berlin. 

Superpitcher - XLR8R Influences Podcast 10

XLR8R’s Influences Podcast series welcomes another hero of ours, Superpitcher. Aksel Schaufler aka Superpitcher takes us for quite a ride through world music that gives us more insight where did inspiration for his magnificent LP ‘The Golden Ravedays’ come from. This is not your ordinary DJ mix, this is a music lesson. 

Dauwd - Solid Steel Radio Show

Dauwd, a super talented British producer, who has releases on label giants like Kompakt, Ghostly International, and Ninja Tune, recently released a remix package of his highly acclaimed debut LP ‘Theory of Colours’. In the light of the release, Dauwd made this special mix for Solid Steel Radio Show. It’s quite a unique eclectic journey, the musical journey you can expect from amazing artists like Dauwd. 

Seth Hosko - Elements Lakewood festival DJ set

Seth Hosko is a mastermind behind ‘Ambient Dream Machine’ project, the multi-sensory project which was installed at Elements Lakewood and Fete Festivals this summer. The project invites people to relax in the unique setting and let all their senses enjoy. Seth Hosko specially curates music for each new ADM. This is the recording from Elements Lakewood festival, and nonetheless to say, it’s super relaxing ambient/downtempo escapade that will be your best friend during the morning hours. 

John Talabot - BIS Radio Show #947

Hivern Discs head honcho, John Talabot was in the concrete jungle last month where he paid a visit to a legendary radio show hosted by Tim Sweeney, Beats in Space. This was Talabot’s third visit to BIS, and every time has been a real music treat. This time we have a wicked slow burner by JT with a couple of unreleased Hivern Discs gems included. 

Konduku - Smoke Machine Podcast 127

After releasing his outstanding debut LP named ‘Kiran’ on one of our favorite record labels Nous’klaer audio, Rotterdam based Konduku has all our attention when it comes to his creative work. konduku made a mix for Taipei based record label, Smoke Machine, and their podcast series. This is one of the mixes that you listen with all your attention, and when it’s done the only thing you can say is - wow. It’s deep, groovy, trippy tribal mix, the fans of Dorisburg should be all over this mix and of course music from Konduku because his work is an exceptional addition to the whole trippy dark tribal that we in Fiction Lab simply adore. One of the best mixes we heard in a while. 

Sevensol - at No9/Radio 80k

Sevensol is one of the co-founders of fantastic Leipzig based record label, KANN which we’ve been following and supporting for a long time. The whole KANN crew was invited to play a Riotvan Radioshow on Munich based Radio 80k. The man on ‘opening duties’ was Sevensol. Mind-bending mix as you would expect, the mix that goes from breakbeat to house to techno to acid and back and all in one hour.  

Nuno Dos Santos - at Awakenings Festival 07/01/2018

SoHaSo head honcho, Nuno Dos Santos keeps pushing boundaries with each release and each mix he makes. There’s always a feeling of excitement before we press play of new Nuno’s mix. There’s always a question ‘where will we travel next’ while listening to his immaculate selections. The recording from Nuno’s set at Awakenings Festival is arguably our favorite of his this year. It’s trippy, it’s genre-bending, it’s a mix that will beat the test of time. 

Edward - Mix for Waking Life 2018

Following his remarkable album ‘The Fortune Teller’ a few months ago and ahead of his performance at Walking Life Festival in Portugal, Giegling associate, Edward made an exclusive mix for this festival’s podcast series. Deep trippy techno in its best. Edward never disappoints with both his DJ and live sets

Iron Curtis - at Hallo Montag Open Air #10 07.02.2018

The house music in its best. This mix from extremely talented German producer Iron Curtis is a feel-good mix, house music how it supposed to be played. A few days ago Iron Curtis announced that his new album is coming out on Ripperton’s Tamed Musique imprint on September 24th. Judging by the first single that is posted on Curtis’ SoundCloud, we have to stay we’re here for a treat! Looking forward to that album, and until then enjoy this phenomenal set.

Johannes Albert - The Ransom Note mix

Wilde Renate resident and Berlin-based DJ, Johannes Albert is one the Berlin’s best kept secrets. Johannes runs a very cool label, Frank Music which in past had releases from artists like Iron Curtis, Fred P, Smallpeople, Moomin and Lauer to name a few. This is the recording of Johannes’ set from the boat party at the Love International festival in Croatia. The mix showcases Johannes’ great music knowledge, depth and also a talent to adapt to the occasion and play such a feel-good mix that fits perfectly for boat party in Adriatic Sea. This mix will definitely put a smile on your face.

The Drifter - EG #635

The Irish magician, The Drifter doesn’t plan to slow down. After a mind-blowing 4hr set at our boat party in July, we had a chance to enjoy another fantastic mix from him. This time we steer away from his exceptional Drift Acast radio show (which is so good btw) to present you the exclusive mix for our friends at Electronic Groove. The mix is party ready, perfectly put together, so if you want a bit of Drifter magic on your headphones, do not hesitate, and prepare yourself for a quite a ride. 

Jacob Stoy - Kommune Podcast #18

Jacob Stoy, a Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist working with sound and visual art and Uncanny Valley associate made this hypnotic and trippy mix full of gritty textures in twists. The mix is exclusive for Amsterdam based music platform Kommune which has their radio show on infamous Red Light Radio. 

Myroslaw Bytz - live at Output

Over the years Myroslaw Bytz has become a staple to NYC's underground music scene. He is resident of infamous Bushwick AV after parties and founder of Secret Guests promotion team. Few weeks ago Myroslaw was on opening duties for Andrey Pushkarev and Francis harris at Output. The set Myroslaw delievered is quite impressive and shows his broad music knowledge. Prepare yourself for a trip through ambient, IDM, minimal, deep and dub techno and everything in between. 

Afriqua - Crack Mix 215

Adam Longman Parker aka Afriqua released an amazing double Vice/Principle EP on infamous R&S records in June. His signature trippy minimal style has gotten worldwide recognition by fellow producers, DJs, and fans. In celebration of the new EP, Afriqua made an exclusive mix for Crack Magazine. Expect 90+ minutes of minimal, broken beats, trippy techno that will make your perfect night time companion.  

Inland - Nova Future Blog mix July 2018

Ed Davenport aka Inland is set to release his ‘An Invitation to Disappear’ LP via Ostgut Ton’s sub-label A-Ton by the end of September. A few weeks ago we enjoyed this powerful mix by Counterchange Recordings head honcho, which is an exclusive for German music blog, Nova Future.  

Grant - 100% Grant Mix

A few weeks ago, Anthony Collins revealed that he’s been the artist behind the mysterious moniker Grant that saw releases on labels like Lobster Theremin, Mörk, and Duke’s distribution in the past. With that announcement came a mix with 100% original material from Grant. This is what Anthony Collins aka Grant said about the mix: This mix showcases the evolution of my sound as a producer over the past three years. It's a mix of tracks from my second solo album on Mörk all the way through the progress of my Grant series label, and what's to expect next. With exclusive material coming soon on my label Duke's Distribution and other surprises and demos peppered in there.

Dixon - live at GTA online

In last few years heroes of ’underground’ electronic music scene grew exponentially that it’s silly to use word underground in describing their style anymore. As a matter of fact acts like Dixon, Solomon, The Black Madonna and Tale Of Us made it to a video game. One of the most popular video game franchises GTA included them in its latest version of the game Los Santos. Each of the artists contributed an exclusive mix for the video game. Now you can get lost playing GTA while Dixon is playing in a background. We enjoyed Dixon’s exclusive GTA mix a lot, it’s amazing that music like this is featured in video games and will be accessible to a wide audience around the world. 

WhoMadeWho - Progressive Astronaut 045

WhoMadeWho is, in our humble opinion, one of the best bands in the world. We’ve seen them perform live several times and had the honor to host their concert in Brooklyn, NYC last year, and every time the energy, the atmosphere they create is par with the leading bands in the world. Quite impressive! WhoMadeWho also perform DJ sets regularly so DJ mixes are not anything strange to this exceptional Danish trio. They made a mix for popular music platform Progressive Astronaut a few weeks ago. It’s very melodic and club ready mix that can be blasted at your next house party easily. 

Jonathan Kaspar - Clash DJ mix

Cologne-based, Jonathan Kaspar is known for his outstanding releases on labels like Compact, Objectivity and Crosstown Rebels. His DJ mixes are always on point, melodic, groovy and very well executed. The exclusive mix he did for Clash Magazine and their podcast series is just that. It’s a feel-good mix that will fit perfectly with hot summer days.