Future Sounds Of Jazz volume 14 compiled by Permanent Vacation [Compost Records]

by Zach Huenink

Every year, there are a plethora of music compilations being released. Each vying for your time and attention. Many, are simply a re-packaging of the years standout hits, or to signify a ‘season’ of sorts. Without a doubt however, the ‘Future Sounds of Jazz’ compilation series is neither of the two. The series, started in 1995 by Compost Records head, and Munich based DJ Michael Reinboth, has been exclusively compiled by himself up until now, where the torch has been graciously passed on to none other than Benjamin Fröhlich & Tom Bioly. Two names which are held in high regard here at Fiction, and what make this compilation extra special. Benjamin Fröhlich & Tom Bioly own the trail-blazing, and one of Fiction’s favorite labels, Permanent Vacation, and are incredible DJ’s and producers on their own.


Moving on to the review portion of this piece, Vol. 14 has a whopping 28 tracks, three of which are exclusive to the release. The two cd, or four LP vinyl set will be out in early September to eagerly awaiting fans. CD 1, the focus of Benjamin Fröhlich, is holistically an upbeat affair aimed more towards a dance floor but not them all. Tracks like Marvin Horsch’s Pace, and Fröhlich’s own remix of David Goldberg’s Part Bells provide the highs while backed up by the introspective wanderings of Matt O’Brien’s Flourish, Herzel’s Devoid and the chugging Russ Gabriel remix of Aubrey’s Dot 3. Among these you also have tracks like ‘I Feel It In My Forehead’ by The Abstract Eye who’s warbling bass lines and melodies are closer to a live experience, and Basil Hardhaus’ 1992 release, Breezin that give great breadth to the first cd. Breadth that is kept to the last few songs as Fröhlich book-ends the cd with a throwback to the glittery synths in Breezin through the final trifecta of tunes, that also makes a great segue into cd two.

CD 1
Basil Hardhaus - Breezin
Jtc - Gallup
The Abstract Eye - I Feel It In My Forehead
Tee Mango - Into The Wild
Marvin Horsch - Pace
Matt O’Brien - Flourish
Aubrey - Dot 3 (Russ Gabriel Remix)
Marcellus Pittman - A Mix
Herzel - Devoid (Exclusive)
David Goldberg - Part Bells (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix) (Exclusive)
Claude Rodap - Hiwa
Jose Padilla - Lollipop (I:Cube Casiotone Reprise Mix)
Jex Opolis - Mt. Belzoni

For cd two, to Fröhlich’s yin, is Tom Bioly’s yang. 15 tracks that provide a great contrast to the first cd. Including an original from Tom under his TB acronym titled ‘Unskinny Dub’. The tracks range from a seriously jazzy Under The Water by Vanishing Twin, into break beat with New Jackson’s Let The Freak Come Out At Night and all of the space in between. Including fantastic albeit short offerings from Yussef Kamaal and Luke Abbot. Finally, the cd comes to a head in my opinion with Avalon Emerson’s Gillded Escalation mix of Slowdive’s Sugar For The Pill. An emotive, soaring track filled with elements of tracks prior that is a fitting end to the journey which this cd is.

CD 2
Move D - Beyond The Machine
Pierre Bastien - Snide Dins
Vanishing Twin - Under The Water
Yussef Kamaal - Ayla
Roman Flügel - Song With Blue
Luke Abbot - Dumb
Machine Woman - How Can I Mend Your Broken Heart (Kassem Mosse Remix)
The Stowaway - A Suspicious Passenger
New Jackson - Let The Freak Come Out At Night
Isolée - In Our Country
Albinos - Palazzo
Cobblestone Jazz - Midnight Sun
Sirconical - Jambon Mama
TB - Unskinny Dub (Exclusive)
Slowdive - Sugar For The Pill (Avalon Emerson’s Gilded Escalation)

Being given the task of compiling the next volume of Future Sounds of Jazz volume is no small undertaking. The series operates outside of trends, seasons and instead relies upon taste and the identities of it’s compilers. Whom up until now have singularly Michael Reinboth. I believe that Benjamin Fröhlich & Tom Bioly’s entrance into the series is an exceptional one. Showcasing each of their personalities while staying true to the innovative and forward thinking nature that is Future Sounds of Jazz. Highly recommend is an understatement for this release.

Future Sounds Of Jazz volume 14 will be out on September 7th via Compost Records.