Best New Mixes from August 2018

by Gilles Wasserman

Here are the mixes we enjoyed listening the most in August (some of them have been on heavy repeat in Fiction Lab). As you got used to it, you'll find mixes ranging from ambient and downtempo, to uplifting party mixes and live recordings. There's something for any mood you are in. Mixes are listed in no particular order.  

Leafar Legov - MUTEK LIVE 161

Arguably one of our favorite artists from Giegling crew, Leafar Legov made a mix for Mexican edition of Mutek festival and theirs Mutek Live series. Marvelous live set recorded at Fabricá club in Mexico City in November 2017 sounds still so fresh and probably it always will, because Leafar Legov makes timeless music. This mix goes into ‘evergreen’ folder.

Queniv - Kommune Podcast #20

So far the highlight of 2018 in music terms for us was discovering and getting familiar with Native Response and De Lighting crew from Amsterdam. It was such a breath of a fresh air for us. Every member of the crew brings something unique to the table. Queniv, an incredibly talented producer was one of, if not the first one we heard from De Lighting crew. A couple of weeks ago he made an exclusive mix for Kommune podcast, the podcast curated by one of the fellow De Lighting members and another amazing artist, Nathan Surreal. The mix unfolds from ambient drones into a minimal house and leftfield with the accent on organic drums which give a special touch to the mix. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this upcoming Dutch artist. 

Conforce aka Silent Harbour - IS Special 031

Conforce, the Dutch dub techno wizard, the artist that produces various styles of electronic music under various monikers, and all of them are exceptional. We were lucky to have Boris Bunnik aboard here at Fiction Lab for a Labchat ahead of his magnificent LP under Silent Harbour moniker. Around the same time, Conforce made this mix for French Input Selector music webzine. The mix is as magnificent as his LP, full of ambient drones and gritty textures that will transport a listener to out of space. 

Sinsensa - Live at Rural 2018

You know that feeling of random finds on Soundcloud that turns into repetitive listening of the same…That happened to us when we heard this mix from Japanese duo Sinsensa. We don’t know much about the dup except that members are Shunsuke Hatori and Tomoko Nogami and that they’re based in Berlin. This mix speaks for itself, A wonderful ambient escapade that finds its perfection in its simplicity. There are no more than 4-5 elements at the time, but they’re perfectly balanced to create such a haunting atmosphere. Rainy day soundtrack? Checked!

Frank & Aakmael - S&T Podcast 21

August brought us a new release from our local hero, Francis Harris, who together with legendary deep house producer DJ Aakmael released ‘Mercy of Means’ EP on his own Scissor & Thread label. In the light of that release, the fabulous collaboration between these two music geniuses brought us this marvelous mix. Deep house how it should sound. Deep house in its core.

Iron Curtis - Trax.305

Ahead of the release of his new ‘Upstream Colour’ LP, German house music aficionado, Iron Curtis made a mix for infamous Trax Magazine. The mix is uplifting house voyage that epitomizes Iron Curtis’ style very well. If you need something to get you out of the chair…look no further. 

Axel Boman - Beats in Space #951

Tim Sweeney’s legendary radio show ‘Beats in Space’ hosted one of the most influential Swedish artist, Axel Boman, a few weeks ago. This mix is outstanding music voyage, one that you would expect from such an incredibly talented producer. Axel Boman’s BIS mix is like a lazy Sunday on the beach. It’s essential summer listening. 

Powel - Cyberiada

Powel is one of the most consistent DJ’s that we’ve been listening to over the years. His mixes are never boring, they always bring something fresh and they’re always put together very well, telling the story rather than being just tracks mixed together. The exclusive mix for Rambalkoshe collective and their podcast is no exception. This beautiful melodic escapade can be enjoyed in various occasions, and we’re sure it’ll be a repeat on your SoundCloud as it is on ours.

The Drifter - Cast Adrift 08

A music class by The Drifter has been served in a shape of yet another fabulous Cast Adrift radio show. Eight installment brings us new music from Lord Of The Isles, Kelly Lee Owens, Benedikt Frey, and magnificent new track from Matthew Dear just to name a few. As usual, The Drifter packs the mix immaculately into a one of a kind music voyage. Sit down, be quiet and listen to what professor Drifter has to say. 

Vermelho - Beats in Space #952

A few weeks ago NYC’s underground music scene welcomed one of the leading DJs from Sao Paolo, and ODD co-founder, Vermelho. After playing at the infamous The Lot Radio, Vermelho headed to Good Room where he played immaculate Frendzone party in front of the packed main room. A cherry on the top of Vermelho’s NYC trip was his visit to Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space radio show. Vermelho presented his broad music knowledge in the best way possible while playing BIS. The mix is super laid back with a perfect flow. Something that you want to listen on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Arkajo - RTS.FM Budapest 08.08.18

Arkajo is back to our list with yet another fantastic mix. We can’t get enough of the work of this super talented Swedish artist, who produces equally astonishing music with Dorisburg as a part of genius Of Time duo. For this month we have a mix that Arkajo recorded for RTS.FM radio. Arkajo’s signature deep, tribal hypnotic style all the way. A must listen.

Joannes - SoHaSo Podcast series 032

SoHaSo introduced us to a newcomer, Joannes with their latest podcast. The mix is a recording of Joannes’ live set and what a ride it is. 2hrs of perfectly blended multiple genres in electronic music, from techno to electro to breakbeat and leftfield, this mix has been on repeat here in Fiction Lab. 

Albrecht Wassersleben - HNYPOT 279

A co-founder of phenomenal Dresden-based record label Uncanny Valley, Albrecht Wassersleben mixed the latest edition of Honey Soundsystem’s podcast. The mix is an instant injection of positivity. The mix that will put a smile on your face and make you listen to it over and over. 

Oberman - at The Lot Radio, NYC 07.28.2018

Nous’klaer Audio head honcho, Oberman paid a visit to fabulous The Lot Radio while he was in NYC a few weeks ago. A truly outstanding mix that’s been listened many times in our lab showcases what’s new in the underground music scene. Oberman doesn’t rush with this one but rather takes listener for quite a journey with carefully picked gems. This mix has everything in its right place.

Vivi An - Amplitude Modulada 003

A few months ago we featured a mix from, at that time unknown DJ to us from Brazil, Vivi An, who did a mix for our friends from ODD. We got hooked up to her twisted and dark style techno with a spice of electro. At the end of August we heard a brand new mix from this super talented DJ from Sao Paolo, the mix she did for a Visceral podcast.  Vivi An delivers another mind-bending mix made of carefully curated electro and techno gems. This one is a true late night gem, the mix that will transport you to another dimension. 

cmd q - live at Nachtdigital Flex 2018

A member of incredible Kann Records family, Leipzig based cmd q is back with another astonishing mix. This time we have a live recording of his set at infamous Nachtdigital Festival in Germany where he performed at Kann tent. Over the time, cmd q has polished his style into a mix of uncompromising techno, house, and breakbeat. While listening to this set you won’t recognize the moment when cmd q shifts gear and changes the mood, you’ll be busy dancing your ass off. This mix is simply too good! 

Love Over Entropy - When We Dip Radio #70

After a few months hiatus, the Dutch maestro, Love Over Entropy has a new mix online. We were honored to have him together with Jon Charnis aboard for our final boat party of the season. It was the party that will be talked about for a long time! The latest mix from Love Over Entropy for popular platform When We Dip will give you a glimpse what you missed if you were not with us for a Sunset Cruise. The mix includes upcoming material and new remixes from the magician himself. Party mode - ON. 

Zombies in Miami & Facets @ The Lot Radio

Samo Records head honcho, Facets welcomed fantastic duo Zombies in Miami to his radio show on The Lot Radio ahead of the gig at Good Room that they played together with Tornado Wallace. Signature nu wave/ electro sound is present throughout the mix. This mix is a real ear candy for the fans of labels like Correspondant, Les Yeux Orange, CockTail d'Amore Music, and such

Jamie Stevens & Joe Miller - EG Spotlight.050

Jamie Stevens and Joe Miller are among leading figures in Australian underground scene. A few months ago both of them made two exceptional mixes for us which are still on repeat in Fiction Lab. This time Jamie and Joe joined forced and made this outstanding mix for Electronic Groove. The mix is an exquisite blend of 25 melodic deep house tracks that are immaculately put together. 

Kiasmos - live guest mix Bloop radio 08.11.2018

A magnificent duo Kiasmos stole our hearts with their very first release a few years ago and keeps doing it ever since. Olafur Arnalds (one part of Kiasmos) paid a visit to London’s Bloop radio a few weeks ago where he played a DJ set. The mix consists of many of Kiasmos’ work both original and remixed by super talented Stimming, Ryan Davis and Bonobo to name a few. The mix is easy listening and a feel-good one, something that will make you relax and forget about everyday bs.