PREMIERE: Dominik Marz - You Will Be Free (dub tool) [Best Kept Secrets]

by Zach Huenink

Dominik Marz is back at it again with another Fiction Lab entry. The Augsburg natives’ last release, a collaboration with David Kochs made our December short list of favorites and has received support from Fiction Lab elite such as The Drifter, and Aera. For this premiere, we’ve chosen the dub tool of Marz’ ‘You Will Be Free’ , forth-coming on Best Kept Secrets.

Dubs of tracks are an interesting phenomenon, stripped back, fewer elements, more focused on groove however intangible that may be. They’re created to provide DJ’s and music lovers with alternatives in cases where the original versions more often than not feature strong vocals. Great for setting the tone of a night, or layering and building with due to their simplistic nature. Marz’ dub checks all those boxes and more. From the get go, an infectious loop greets the listener and sets the tone of this song as not necessarily a slow burner but a track that establishes itself early and builds element by element. Snappy kicks, synthy risers, and airy pads all contribute to a surprisingly emotional release at the break with a sprinkling of the original versions’ vocals throw into the mix. If the past is any indicator of the future, then here at Fiction Lab, we’re excited to see where Dominik goes and shall be keeping an ear on him.