Best New Releases from September 2019

by Irina Kotik

September glitters the electronic music world with a multitude of its sonic facets that come upon us gently descending in delicate shades of red, orange and gold.After a busy summer of music festivals, we are looking forward to Fall that is set to tie a bow on a strong run of vibrant new releases.

From Konduku, map.ache, Tracey, Call Super, Parris, Forest Drive West to Cai Bojsen-Möller, Vand, Patrick Conway, and Odopt, plus a long-awaited album by Quarion, we compiled a list of our favorite releases of September.

Micronesia (map.ache Remix)

The newly formed duo Mt. Rave is a union of French producers and Slowciety label owners Clint and 6tizen. On their debut “Fifth World” EP for their own imprint, the newly fledged duo offers three originals and impressive remixes contributed by Opal Sunn, Map.ache and Marlon Hoffstadt.
One of the finest underground electronic music producers, veteran resident DJ at Leipzieg's Connie Island, one-half of the Manamana DJ duo and KANN Records label boss, Map.ache puts a raw twist on the dreamy and impressionistic original by introducing driving rhythms with a mighty baseline and synth melody brimmed with emotion and power.

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Patrick Conway
Know The Future
ESP Institute

Patrick Conway, known for his releases on such labels as Rekids, Forbidden Planet, and his own Black Orpheus imprint, debuts on Lovefingers’s ESP Institute with an impressive two-track “Know The Future b/w Digital Warfare” EP.

The opening track "Known The Future" is a gorgeous journey into smoothly layered harmonies, dreamy textures and delicately seductive vocals entangling gently over breakbeat influenced groove.

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Hivern Discs

John Talabot’s Hivern Discs continues to be an outstanding platform for releasing quality music from innovative underground producers. Their latest release, Hivern Discs welcomes Odopt, an exciting Russian duo of Grisha Nelyubin and Ivan Maslov for a debut “Sociopath” EP. Inspired by the “punk and kitschy” atmosphere of Denis Simachev bar in Moscow, the three-track package showcasing the duos intricate ability to produce a diverse range of obscure and unique dance music.

Here is what Hivern Discs intends to say about Odopt and this release:

“A big part of this vision was cultivated at the Denis Simachev Bar in Moscow, a “punk and kitschy” spot where Grisha and Ivan spent countless nights playing music, inviting friends to perform and testing all their new productions. The bar was, in their own words, “the heart of a city”. The nucleus of their Moscow. Sadly, it closed its doors last April after 12 years. ‘Sociopath EP’ is a sort of sonic testament of the venue. Its three tracks seek to capture the spirit of a place that served as a huge inspiration for the Odopt sound, and listening to them it’s easy to understand what made it so special, even if one has never been there. Dark and eccentric, but ultimately playful. Weird and obsessive, but in a liberating way. Music that speaks of space and vice-versa. The memory of the Denis Simachev Bar is safe. But not only in these tracks: also in one of the most unique visions in today’s dance music.”

"A49" is a striking fusion of funk, melody, intoxicating rhythms and raw power that pushes the envelope for forward-thinking electronic music.

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Caduta Di Massi
Idle Hands

Bristol’s Idle Hands welcomes a new member to their family, Konduku. After releasing his highly acclaimed 2018’s “Kiran” LP and a string of outstanding releases on Nous’klaer Audio imprint, the Amsterdam-based producer shows up with an intriguing adventure into the vibrant, percussion-dominated musical realm. Entitled “Lila”, the four-track collection highlights Konduku’s talent to melt percussive rhythms into the sonically rich musical tapestry.

Immersed in a cosmic textural ambiance derived from the dreamy pads and widescreen atmosphere, the closing track “Caduta Di Massi” is a fruitful twist of leftfield influenced rhythms mixed with raw and driving power.

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Human-Error Processor (Tracey Remix)
Something Happening Somewhere

Nuno Dos Santos’s highly respected imprint Something Happening Somewhere embraces the mystery and rhythm on the outstanding “Network 313” EP from the enigmatic producer by the name of Proxyan. Delving into the electro-centric psyche inspired from the “ Detroit infused electro ( think Ectomorph, Ersatz Audio and Dopplereffekt) and the melodic wonders of Brits like Silicon Scally and Mark Pritchard ), the four-track package IS showcasing an electro euphoria that waves together irresistible electronic beats, vibrant synth melodies, and funky vibes.

Amsterdam-based electronic music producer Tracey has turned in a thrilling remix of Proxyan’s “Human-Error Processor”. His version masterfully fuses funky grooves, flutters of cowbells and soaked in melancholy synth lines with the strip-down elements of the original.

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Call Super and Parris
Chiseler’s Rush

The British producers Call Super and Parris have teamed up for a new collaborative project, “CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK”. True to its name, the two-track EP is enchanted by its mysterious story that accompanied the release. Lifted from the press release”

“There was an aging writer called Mortise Koshimitsu who lived in a small apartment. The apartment was beset with problems. It was damp, the wiring was frail and in the summer the leaking pipes added a must and swelling to the wood in the windows that effectively countered the joys of the heat. Koshimitsu’s life had been lived chiseling away at the circumstance, and circumstances had not proved easy. There was, however, one small reliable rush to be had, and it lay through a gloomy doorway, down some stairs, and past a register.”

The first track “Chiseler’s Rush” is an ultra-vivid melodic and rhythmic beauty which is built around colorful crystalline rhythms and bright synth harmonies all underpinned by subtle organic textures.

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Drumpoet Community

Swiss veteran producer Yanneck Salvo, better known as Quarion, steps up to the spotlight this month for the next release on Alex Dallas’s and Ron Shiller’s esteem Drumpoet Community. His debut album “Shades” marks a triumphant return from Quarion, following a slew of impressive releases on Zürich’s imprint as well as Tamed Musiq, Retreat and Innervisions. “2016 proved to be a turning point artistically as well as personally, which eventually triggered an outburst of inspiration consolidating in the core of “Shades,” describes the label in the press release. “After two years spent on refining this music, Yanneck felt that the bond between the tracks was too strong to be split across various EPs and chose instead to elaborate his vision as a full-scale album. The nine pieces that make up “Shades“ are quintessential Quarion, yet their scope is both broader and more precise than on previous releases by the Swiss producer.”

"Teal" is a genuinely hypnotic and full of soothing atmosphere, enveloped in intense energy. Delayed had a pleasure to premiere this mind-bending track. Read a full article by Elena Lisovin.

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Babe Roots
Jah Nu Dead (Forest Drive West Remix)

Babe Root’s dub reggae 2018 “Babe Roots” LP gets a remix treatment from the dub techno producer and former DeepChord member Mike Schommer, the Berlin-based producer and a key member of Hidden Hawai Felix K, innovative techno and jungle producer Forest Drive West, the modular sound sculptor DB 1 and Babe Roots themself.

The acclaimed UK artist and Livity Sound affiliate Forest Drive West brings his masterful touch to bear on “Jah Nu Dead”. Combining intricate and subtle dub techno elements with Stephanie Wright’s background vocals which hunt the track with a layer of hazy ambiance, Forest Drive West‘s version will fit perfectly into any DJ set!

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Alpenglühen, the Madrid-based monthly nights and record label with a focus on ambient techno, welcomes Amsterdam talented producer Vand. Viktor Van Der Reit has been using the Vand moniker to release his ambient and techno creations via Niame Records and in tandem with another fast-rising producer Bas Dobbelaer on Nuno Dos Santos’s “Something Happening Somewhere” imprint. This September, Vand delivers another stroke of hypnotizing beauty with EP “Echo Enferno”.

The closing track “Paraztul” creates a richly textured canvas of layered soundscapes, introspective ambiance, and intricate musicianship.

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Cai Bojsen-Möller
Multiplex Records

Danish producer, an accomplished drummer, and co-founder of the original Multiplex Records return to the Copenhagen-based imprint with an impressive “Spirit Of Man and Machine - Part 1” EP, the four tracks of hypnotic, elegant and empowering music. Here is what Multiplex Records had to say in a press release:

“The idea behind "The Spirit of Man and Machine” evolved around the point where organic elements meet and elevate the programmed part of the music. Because of the technology available to everyone today, much music is completely quantized, but to make things flawless, risks the loss of feeling to digital perfection. Emerging from the Danish rock scene in the early '80s, correctness was nothing to strive for. With the formula of analog synths through an analog mixer and the drums and sequences recorded live, with a mindset for the right vibe, Cai's new tracks ties in well with his 1990's productions.

With its flowing (or whirling) synth lines, relaxed pacing, rhythm more implied than stated, “Whirling” washes over you gently like the cooling sea, gently touching but never really enveloping you with its aura. And when the track is over, you'll most certainly reach for a sweater. It is the perfect final chord in this summer's symphony. Delayed was thrilled to premiere this gorgeous composition. Read a full article by Slava Malkin:

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