Best New Mixes from September 2019

by Gilles Wasserman

The list of mixes we enjoyed the most at our HQ during the month of September is here. Wide spectrum of electronic music from incredibly talented DJs from around the world includes live recordings, radio shows and podcasts. There’s a mix for time of the day, find your favorite one.

Nuno Dos Santos - Red Light Radio 09.11.19

Over the years SoHaSo head honcho, Nuno Dos Santos has built a reputation for himself as one of the best music diggers in the underground music scene. Nuno often takes the unconventional route and plays ‘hard to find’ records and all packed in a cohesive story. Radio shows are place where this side of Nuno shines the most, as you can hear it in this recording from Red Light Radio. New Gilb’r, Mattheis, Cosmic Force, Epsylon 9… I think that’s big enough reason to spend the next hour with Nuno.

Gacha Bakradze - IA MIX 316

Georgian own, Gacha Bakradze is back on our list with yet another mind-bending mix. This time it’s for Inverted Audio. As Gacha mentioned in the interview that came along with this mix, he challenged himself to create a mix that represents the transition moment from “warm-up” to the “main theme” in only one hour, which is a short time, but we think he did a pretty impressive job here. Check it out

De Lichting - Nonverbal Cues #05

Amsterdam-based collective De Lichting is about to release their third compilation which made all 'music heads’ quite happy. One of its members, Kaap created this mix exclusively made of De Lichting material, past, future and work in progress. Knowing how talented this crew is, this mix is a must-listen if you want to hear something new and fresh.

Katerina - Dekmantel podcast 248

Bulgarian born, Helsinki based Katerina stole our hearts with her latest EP on Joakim’s Tigersushi imprint a few months back. The mix Katerina made for the infamous Dekmantel series shows her versatility as a DJ. The mix slowly opens from 15-minute ambiance into hypnotic minimal techno, just to pick up on wicked electronica and acid later through the mix. Katerina goes a bit darker towards the end of the mix with more complex rhythms and lo-fi techno.

Toma Kami - TRAX.367

Livity Sound affiliate, Parisian-based Toma Kami has been on our radar for the past two years. His talent to make complex rhythms that often go beyond regular breakbeat and drum & bass separate him from the rest. The mix Toma made for Trax Magazine is all about complex, multi-layered rhythms. Shimmering percussions, broken beats, and trippy synths on the top make this mix perfect after-hours listening.

John Talabot - All Nighter @ Moog, Barcelona 08.21.19

It doesn’t get much better than this. The recording of JT’s all-nighter at Moog club in Barcelona is a true gem. Almost 5hr set which is immaculately paced and executed proves yet once again, why is John Talabot considered one of the best in the game. If you need to pick one mix to listen to, this is the one.

Barnt b2b Roman Flügel @ DGTL Barcelona 08.24.2019

From Cologne via Frankfurt to Barcelona. Two of the German finest DJs, Barnt and Roman Flugel joined forces at this year’s DGTL Festival in Barcelona for a spectacular b2b set. Luckily for us who were not in sunny Barcelona a few weeks back, the recording of the mix was uploaded to DGTL's SoundCloud page. Those of you who are familiar with Barnt and Roman Flügel know that neither one of them plays predictable sets, that there’s always a ‘wow’ moment when listening to them playing. During this b2b both Roman and Barnt brought the best in each other, delivering a ‘feel good’ mix. Trippy vocals and new wave are the signature of the mix.

Jacques Bon - Beats In Space #1007

After the phenomenal party that Jacques Bon played alongside Frank & Tony at Brooklyn’s Public Records a few weeks ago, Smallville’s affiliate visited BIS radio where he played this hypnotic and deep set. The mix starts off with Jacques’ forthcoming track which he made with Vincent Drux and continues in very warm a deep atmosphere just to slowly unfold into a trippy voyage with tracks from Edward, Call Super and Powder later into the mix.

Axel Boman - Renate Podcast 061

The latest mix in Salon Zur wilder Renate podcast series comes from the man who needs no introduction, Axel Boman. One of the Studio Barnhaus’ label heads knows how to bring on smiles and make people dance wherever he plays. This mix is a great homage to feel-good electronica and house music. Summer vibes for everyone who is not ready to let go of those long, hot days just yet.

Fold on NTS RAdio w/Arkajo

This doubleheader by UK’s Fold and Aniara’s own Arkajo is a true gem for everyone who likes dark broken rhythms. The impressive tracklist that includes artists like J.Albert, Konduku, Forest Drive West, Dorisburg, Queniv and the man himself Arkajo should be enough reason for you to spare 2hr and lose yourself into a tribal, breakbeat and techno in its finest blend.

Lawrence - Konekt Select

Dial Records head honcho, Lawrence bring us something special with the mix exclusive for Konekt Asia. The mix is intended to be listened to in a non-club environment, preferably in a horizontal position. This is what Lawrence said about the mix: So it's some of my favorite musicians, a lot of acoustic stuff, including Afriqua, Tracey, Trux and Efdemin's improvisation project…

Bas Dobbelaer - MNMT 225

Amsterdam-based Bas Dobbelaer is back with yet another mind-bending mix. After phenomenal EP this super talented artist had with Vand on SoHaSo, a solo track on Appian and couple of really good mixes, Bas doesn’t plan to slow down. This time it’s the exclusive mix for Dutch platform Monument that highlights Bas’ talent to make a cohesive story with the incredible track selection. This is one of our favorite mixes we listened to in the last couple of weeks.

Kate Miller - Oscillate Recording No10

Berlin via Melbourne, Kate Miller closed the Lobby floor at infamous Berlin club ://about blank in August with this trippy 3.5hr set. Oscillate co-founder brought some serious energy to the dance floor with a blend of complex broken rhythms, trippy synths, and haunting vocals. After hour material in its finest.

Vivian Koch & Phoenecia - Omnidisc #1

Another doubleheader on our list comes from recently signed Omnidisc affiliate, Vivian Koch who played the first hour of this mix, immaculately developing the story from mesmerizing ambient to sludgy acid to powerful drum & bass. The second hour is reserved for legendary Phoenicia who takes us for one of a kind experimental voyage. This mix a true gem.

Far Out Radio Systems - SoHaSo Stage, Paradigm Festival

Thomas Neyens aka Far Out Radio Systems brought fire to the dance floor of SoHaSo stage at Paradigm Festival. Very energetic and uplifting mix from incredibly talented artist from Belgium. Party time!

Giegling - Mutabor Podcast

German powerhouse from Weimar, Giegling had their label showcase in early September in the Russian capital with a massive line up that featured Seth Troxler, Maayan Nidam, Dana Ruh among Giegling’s usual suspects. In the light of that party German collective made this mix which perfectly showcases the style and mood of Giegling parties. Deep, an atmospheric, minimal house at its best.

Mark - Nous’klaer Radio #21

We totally trusted Nous’klaer Audio’s guys on this one. We don’t know much about Mark who made this mix, but we know enough…We know that he plays a cool, trippy ambient that we enjoyed listening to. This is the type of mix you would listen after the night out while chilling but certainly not ready to go to sleep just yet.

Efraim Kent - Harmony Rec. podcast

Efraim Kent is yet another incredibly talented producer hailing from Scandinavia. We got introduced to his work with ’Tecken’ EP, the release he did with Dorisburg on Moroccan label Tikita some time back. With this mix, exclusive for Harmony Rec. platform, Efraim shows us that he’s equally talented DJ as well. Deep, dark, dubby techno, very suitable for some late-night listening. We are looking forward to hearing what’s new Efraim is preparing for the upcoming months.

Bocksrucker - Esthetic Joys No18

Neubau co-founder, Bocksrucker played this wicked live set a few weeks ago for Russian Esthetic Joys collective. Even though this is just a 25min excerpt of the whole set, it for sure left us wanting to hear more from this super talented Vienna-based artist. This mix will be interesting listening for everyone who’s into Vladimir Ivkovic, Lena Willikens, John Talabot…

Kaf - Log 011

The mix from Munich-based Kaf is a perfectly suitable for some late nights. Dark, hypnotic ambient techno that will transform you into a different galaxy.