PREMIERE: Nathan Surreal - A Feeling Of Ikigai [De Lichting]

by Elena Lisovin

We are happy to premiere “A feeling of ikigai” by Nathan Surreal as a part of collaborative compilation series coming from exciting Amsterdam collective De Lichting.
The Japanese concept of ikigai is a personal journey of finding a sense of purpose or meaningfulness in life. Although each ikigai is unique and relevance can vary, we all can instantly relate to an urge to get the right life balance and fulfillment in existence.
Nathan Surreal’s take on ikigai is an electric ride through dynamic, open dreamscapes projecting a nowadays preoccupied reality. Emerging on the outside inertia, a distant mantra-like voiceover progressively evolves into a leading role and guides all elements in place.
The third sequel of a De Lichting compilation series named 'Drie' will be out on October 30th.