Best New Mixes from January 2019

by Gilles Wasserman

Our list of the mixes we enjoyed listening the most in past 4 weeks is here. We listened to DJs from around the world playing wide spectrum of electronic music and we picked the ones that we think stood out with their track selections, flow, mixing techniques, story telling or all of the above. You’ll find everything from beatless ambient to peak time techno. Get ready for a ride

Roi Perez - Mysteries of The Deep XCVI

NYC based record label and event series, Mysteries of The Deep, welcomed super talented Israeli artist based in Berlin, Roi Perez for their latest podcast series. In the last couple of years, Roi has established his name as exceptional music digger and falls into ’selectors’ category, whose sets cover all corners of electrnic music, with an accent on quality. This mix is powerful ambient journey with haunting arps and melancholic harmonies.

Kia - Syrup #4

This mix by Melbourne-based Kia has been one of our favorites last month. Truly exceptional, trippy, deep, percussive with all those little details that make all the difference. Just how we like it. It’s been on heavy rotation at our HQ’s, and it’ll go to our ‘go to’ folder for sure.

Sevensol - Nachtdigital Flex

When it comes to quality house music, very few artists can come shoulder to shoulder with KANN crew from Leipzig. From their exceptional catalog to impressive performances by their founders Sevensol, map.ache and Bender, or Manamana (Sevensol & map.ache), you can expect to hear uncompromising, groovy and carefully curated top-shelf house music. Being usual suspects at infamous Nachtdigital festival, KANN crew celebrated 10 yrs anniversary there and the captain of the ship was no other then Sevensol. House music in its finest during this 2-hour recording will certainly get you up from that chair and get you bouncing around the room.

RDS - Kommune Podcast #30

A few months ago we had a pleasure to feature super talented Amsterdam artist RDS, a member of De Lichting crew, in our podcast series. His latest mix is such a beautiful music escapade that covers a wide spectrum of music, from ambient to electro to techno, and all that wrapped up in the end with melancholic jazz which fits perfectly in the atmosphere that RDS created throughout the mix.

Omar Fayyad - Select 068

Egyptian DJ based in Dubai, Omar Fayyad is a fairly new face on our radar but judging by the stuff we heard from him, we’ll have more of his work featured in future for sure. We absolutely loved his latest mix for Cairo-based music platform Scene Noise and their Select podcast series. Groovy, atmospheric and deep, immaculately executed, this mix can be enjoyed during the car ride or a nice walk.

Lagaffe Tales Radio Show - Best of 2018

This is a real treat. Iceland-based Lagaffe Tales label bosses Jonbjorn and Viktor Birgis joined the forces and delivered the mix of their favorite tracks of 2018 for bloop. music platform. Just like with their labels, both Viktor and Jonbjorn focus on the mostly housey vibe in the mix with occasional mood changes with hypnotic breakbeat. Very cool picks.

Supreems - Lobster Theremin Radio Show

Belgium native, Supreems stole our hearts with last year’s releases on Lobster Theremin. Phenomenal breakbeat artist slowly but surely builds the name for himself as an exceptionally talented producer and DJ. Supreems recently made a mix for Lobster Theremin’s radio show on Rinse FM and it’s breakbeat in its best with a little house spice. Uplifting and moody this mix can do magic both on your bedroom speakers or some massive system.

Pom Pom - Pom Pom

Not much to say here, since we don’t have any info about Pom Pom, but the content of this mix is good enough for itself. This 5.5hr cosmic ambient journey works magic when listened in the right environment.

Baikal - 12yrs SweatLodge Agency Celebration

This was a very nice surprise when it popped up in our feed. Our dear friend, and incredibly talented artist, Baikal made an exclusive mix for his booking agency, Sweat Lodge, ahead of (what turned out to be unforgettable) party in Berlin’s about:blank a few weeks ago, where Baikal played mind bending b2b set with Nuno Dos Santos. We know very well what these two can do together, since they played b2b at one of our parties few years back in Brooklyn. This mix is party-ready, it’s groovy and pumpin’, perfect blend of house and techno. So if you have friends over and in need for something to get you going, look no further, let Baikal takes you for a ride!

Midland - Mixmag The Cover Mix

We’ll leave to Midland himself to tell you something about this mix: With this mix I wanted to try and capture the sound of me in the club during a long set in the part of the night when you and the crowd are locked in to a groove; a time when you’re able to make left turns, but it feels totally natural. As ever unreleased records sit alongside new records alongside records that came out 10/20/30 years ago. I definitely wanted to build to a more electro/rave crescendo in the middle of this, and try and plot a course through some broken stuff towards the end. I really enjoyed recording this one!

Jane Fitz - TPF 002

This recording of arguably one of the best DJs UK has to offer, Jane Fitz recorded live at the 3rd Anniversary of Oval Space at The Pickle Factory in London a few months back is truly a special one. Jane played closing set as a surprise guest after Donatto Dozzy as she delivered this mind bending mix. The mix that has everything you wanted to hear at the party. A true masterpiece by one of the true legends of electronic music

Ultrastation - Portal Of Existence

The newly formed duo Ultrastation (Nuno Dos Santos & Cosmic Force) brought some fresh air to Dutch underground music scene. Their blend of electro and techno captivates listener almost instantly. With their first EP already out via Mary Black (sub label of Mary Go Wild) and few more EP’s already signed to be released in next few months, the future of this duo looks bright. This hybrid set can be used as impressive introduction to the world of Ultrastation, and perfect example what can be expected from these two when they’re in town!

nd_baumecker - Panorama Bar 07

The hype about this mix is real. nd_baumecker, one of the residents of Panorama Bar delivered this exceptional mix that is immaculately packed into 2hrs with so much to say. Often mood changes during the mix and switches from house to acid to techno and back all feel very natural and on its place. Panorama bar series has yet another gem in its catalog.

Matthew Dekay - Für Die Liebe III

We haven’t heard from Matthew Dekay in quite some time, so we were excited when 'Für the Liebe III' popped up in our feed. In a description of the mix, Matthew explained what’s been going on with him and reasons for his absence, but we’ll focus more on this beautiful mind-bending mix. Like its predecessor, Für the Liebe III is cinematic escapade layered with textures and harmonies that connect these compositions immaculately throughout the mix. Here are few words about the mix from Matthew himself: This mix is alike to “Für Die Liebe II”, a combination of my own compositions and others, with a lot of little layers to emphasize emotions If you want to experience this mix to the fullest, I recommend you to listen in a dark place with no visible distractions and preferably with headphones. Enjoy 🙂

Barbara Boeing - UV Podcast 057

Straight from Brazil, super talented Barbara Boeing sends some necessary warm vibes in a shape of this exceptional disco house mix to ease up this winter days in Northern hemisphere. Uncanny Valley asked Barbara to do a mix for their podcast series and she took the opportunity with both hands. As mentioned before, the mix is warm, feel-good disco house music journey, that would go perfectly on some beach with a sand under our feet, but what we can do at this moment is to put headphones on, close our eyes and transport ourselves to one the beaches and enjoy with this mix in background.

Mr.TC - Sinchi & Friends 69

Ever since his fantastic EP on Optimo records, a few years ago, Glasgow-based Mr.TC has been on our radar. 2018’s seen another great EP by this super talented producer released via Vienna based Neubau label and a true gem of a track as a part of Correspondant 06 compilation. This mix fits so perfectly into what Mr.TC has been doing, slower side of electronic music, with intricate and in moments intense details that keep the atmosphere in the mix on point all the time. Successfully tested during the long car ride!

Efdemin - Dekmantel Podcast 214

Dekmantel podcast series welcomes Efdemin ahead of the release of his 4th and long-awaited album ‘New Atlantis’ which will be released by mighty Ostgut Ton in next few weeks. Efdemin is known for his unique mind-bending take on both house and techno. In this mix German producer brings on pure energy and constant mood changes, from peak time techno to hypnotic house, breakbeat and acid.

Dr.Rubinstein - Phonica Mix Series 56

Last few years have seen a constant rise of Dr.Rubinstein. Usual suspect on Berlin's techno scene and her impeccable style established her as one of the favorites among both fellow DJs and fans around the world. Her latest mix for Phonica Records is pure techno tour de force. Do you need a cosmic teleport? Look no further.

Orion - Smoke Machine Podcast 129

Milan-based producer Orion has launched his own imprint Orion records a few weeks ago. In the light of the new beginnings for this talented producer and celebration of the new label, Orion made an exclusive mix for Taiwan-based music platform - Smoke Machine. The mix is trippy, deep and atmospheric techno with plenty of details that will take you for quite a ride.

Jennifer Cardini - Boiler Room x Tropico Festival

Correspondant label boss, Jennifer Cardini needs no introduction here at Fiction Lab. One of the most consistent DJ’s on the scene brings heat whenever she’s behind the decks and this recording from her set at Tropico Festival in Mexico shows exactly that. Very energetic, with a recognizable Correspondant staple style, this mix will teleport you to the Mexican beach in Acapulco instantly.