Innere Tueren - Innere Tueren LP

by Jelena Drenjakovic

The number of electronic music labels that can do tender emotion as well as KANN can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand, and there are even fewer who find intriguing ways to express it. It’s equally difficult to come up with a single phrase that cuts to the core of “Innere Tueren” – an “experience of conceptual complexity”, maybe.

The 15 track LP carries the signature of Ergin Erteber, whose artistic approach of uniting sound and vision yields and album that creates a firm link between the idea of introspective exploration, a sound informed by a strong aesthetic framework and depth of emotions.

Remotely free-form in its structure, yet with a somehow reliable pulse, “Innere Tueren” (translated as “Inner Doors”) places the listener into a living environment, a sense only enhanced by gentle washes of luscious sound. Nearly any point on the album can act as a door into this singular atmosphere, which is partially connected to the phenomenal consistency of mood and feeling it provides.

It might not come as a surprise that “Innere Tueren” was produced with the help of map.ache, whose sense for melodic sensibility looms large over his studio output. Ergin Erteber, already known as ½ of “Things From The Basement”, was already intensively involved in design and photography when he discovered music production alongside his studies. He was both creatively and musically engaged in the art and club project "Galerie Kurzweil" which had not only a huge impact on the local scene in the German city of Darmstadt, but also shaped his unique approach to music.

“Innere Tueren” which, by the way was mastered by Josh Bonati in New York, was released on March 22nd on KANN records.