Best New Mixes from February 2019

by Gilles Wasserman

Let the music marathon begins! The list of 20 mixes we enjoyed the most during the chilly February is here. Super talented DJs from around the world will take you for mind bending journeys. From ambient to eclectic mix over to trippy techno and chuggy break beat and house, there’s something for any mood you’re in,

Mattheis - Operator Radio 03

Phenomenal Rotterdam based artist, Mattheis continues with his monthly residency at Operator radio. Mattheis is known for complex rhythms and multi-layered techno style, and this mix is a perfect representation of it. Flawless mixing and flow in the mix can fool you that this is a live mix rather than a DJ mix, but that’s just yet another talent of this incredible artist who pushes boundaries of electronic music to another level.

Nadia Struiwigh - Metamorph Podcast 016

Nadia has done it again! Extremely talented artists hailing from Rotterdam has become one of our personal favorites over the last year. Nadia’s broad music knowledge covers a wide spectrum of electronic music, and her mixes are always a real treat for us. This time we have a hypnotic downtempo electronica mix which slowly develops from cinematic ambient soundscapes into trippy ambient techno towards the end of the mix.

Kia - Nous’klaer Radio #19

Last month we included the mix from the rising star from Australian underground scene, Kia as one of our favorites. We’ve got a nice surprise a few weeks ago seeing that Kia made an exclusive mix for one of our favorite labels, Nous’klaer, and their podcast series. Deep, multi-layered, polyrhythmic style in this mix makes it truly exceptional. We have found our new favorite.

Justin Strauss - Elsewhere mix 015

The icon of the NYC underground music scene, Justin Strauss needs no special introduction. Very few artists in NYC can be put shoulder to shoulder with Strauss who’s been active on the scene for over 30 years now, and still is one of the main forces in vibrant nightlife in NYC. Ahead of his gig at popular Brooklyn’s club, Elsewhere, Justin made an exclusive mix for Elsewhere’s podcast series. The mix covers many shades of house music, the style that Justin mastered over the 30 years playing worldwide and shaping the scene in his hometown of NYC into what it is now.

Davis - Beats in Space #976

Davis is back with a bang! ODD head honcho hasn’t made mixes in some time, but his debut at infamous Beats in Space radio show makes up for all that time that we’ve been patiently waiting. Davis took a bit different approach for BIS mix and delivered very powerful, party-ready mix that blew us away. The mix has electro/breakbeat signature written all over it, but that special Davis touch with impeccable track listing and immaculate mixing makes all the difference. The mix also contains two upcoming tracks from Davis and his partner in crime Vermelho which will be part of the first release of the newly founded label by this fantastic Brazilian crew called ODDiscos.

Human Space Machine - Kommune Radio RLR #13

Native Response and De Lighting affiliate, Human Space Machinehas already established a name for himself as a super talented artist that more people should pay attention to. His take on techno brings back that Detroit feeling whenever we listen to his productions and DJ sets. The mix that HSM made for Kommune podcast and his debut at infamous Red Light Radio is a fantastic dub techno journey that takes its time and slowly unfolds into a mix that can (and has been) be listened over and over while sitting in front of the desktop.

Manamana - Mantissa Mix 119

KANN records co-founders Sevensol and Map.ache, aka Manamana have been performing together for more than 10yrs. Manamana is known for their uncompromising style in house music, very often bringing a very positive energy to the dance floor. Their latest mix for London based Mantissa podcast series slowly unfolds from melodic break house into a true deep house journey, with occasional gear shifts into a straight on house. This is a perfect warm-up set.

Toffes Värld - Northern Light Series

Hypnus records have been one of our ‘go to’ labels for dark, dreamy percussive techno. And we can’t think of anyone doing it better than Swedes. Swedish techno scene has flourished so many talented artists in the last 15-20 years, but we’ll concentrate on present this time. Toffes Varld has been affiliate of Hypnus records and their sister label Kabalion for a few years now and his minimalistic and deep take on techno caught our attention when we first heard him. His mix for Northern Light Series magnificent dreamy/dub techno that is enjoyed best in a cozy setting of your room.

Konduku - Patterns of Perception 46

If we have to pick one artist that blew us away recently (and keeps doing it continuously) with his productions and DJ style, then the answer is Konduku. The incredibly talented Dutch (with Turkish heritage) artist has become a staple to Nous’klaer Audio’s (one of our favorite labels from Rotterdam) discography ever since his debut LP last year. A few EPs after the debut LP and Konduku doesn’t seem to slow down. Besides his recognizable polyrhythmic and broken beat style in productions, Konduku has carved his own style in DJing as well. His mixes are deep, wicked, with lots of attention on details. The mix that we’ve been listening over and over again in the last few weeks is Konduku’s contribution to Patterns of Perception podcast series. Dark and deep, this is for that late-night state of mind while dancing into the early morning hours.

Tsepo - Magazijn All Night Long

The recording of ‘all nighter’ mixes are rare to run on, but for this month's list, we have one that is truly exceptional. Our longtime favorite, Amsterdam based, Tsepo recently shared the recording of his set at Het Magazijn in The Hague. All nighter sets are not new to Tsepo and over time this super talented DJ has mastered the skill of slowly but surely preparing the crowd for the marathon ahead of them. Even though it’s not a complete recording, this first 3hrs of it will do the trick. Prepare yourself for the journey under captain Tsepo.

Black Light Smoke - XLR8R Podcast 581

After few years hiatus, Black Light Smoke is back to Brooklyn based imprint Scissor & Thread, with yet another stunning EP. It feels like Jordan Lieb just continued where he left off a few years ago. A raw, organic sound that was signature style of BLS is back in its best light. The mix that Black Light Smoke made for XLR8R is exactly that, groovy raw house music in its best.

Oberman - Nous’klaer Audio take over of Rinse FM

Nous’klaer Audio take over of Huntleys & Palmers’ radio show on Rinse FM was a true ear candy for us. The label that has been arguably one of our favorites in the last few years keeps bringing a breath of fresh air with each new release. In this 2hr long mix, the label head honcho, Oberman took us for quite a ride and also snuck in some of the upcoming Nous’ releases due in a couple of months time. Forward thinking music from one of the most talented DJs in The Netherlands.

Cooper Saver - Liquid Youth 022

Co-founder of LA-based ‘Far Away’ party series, super talented producer and DJ, Cooper Saver has a big year ahead of him. With a string of releases on labels like ESP Institute, Hivern Discs, Permanent Vacation and Internasjonal that will hit the stores in the next few months, Cooper Saver will be on everyone’s radar instantly. His mix for Amsterdam based music platform Liquid Youth is a phenomenal dark journey through electronica, slow-mo house, and dub techno. Such a nice vibe in this one, perfect for a car ride!

Samsa - Patterns Radio #13

Munich based artist Samsa and his Patterns Radio Show have been one of our absolute favorites to listen to while at home. Just recently Samsa has started uploading all episodes to SoundCloud and we couldn’t be happier because now we can feature these magnificent shows on our blog. The description of the radio show goes straight to do point what are these shows all about - As a life-long musician, Samsa’s musical taste ranges from a variety of influences from different eras and genres. Inspired by Steve Reich’s minimalism, the idea behind Patterns Radio is to give an insight into the host’s musical history and inspirational sources, regardless of any stylistic boundaries.
This is essential ‘desktop listening’

Wata Igarashi - RDC 024

Japanese techno master, Wata Igarashi delivers this mind-bending mix for popular Japanese promoting team, Rainbow Disco Club. This time we have a bit deeper mix but equally intricate and wicked like we got used on it every time when listening to Wata, exceptional track listing.

Cassegrain - Page 28

Mighty techno duo, Cassegrain delivers this exceptional mix made exclusively for Hypnus Records podcast series The Memoir. Here are a few words about the mix from artists themselves: The idea of this mix was to remind ourselves of our deeper and less dance floor oriented side. So the track list contains mostly our tracks from our earlier days on Prologue between 2011 and 2014 and one remix we did last year for Paulie Jan on Intervision. We tried to record the set rather like a mixtape than a DJ set and used a few hardware effect machines to create an overall mood for the transitions between tracks.

Emil Abramyan - Kingdoms Potlatch 006

Kingdoms Potlatch series has another gem in their catalog. A mesmerizing music tale from one of their affiliates, Brooklyn based Emil Abramyan, will instantly transport you to outer space. This one is for your days off, your ‘you time’.

Arnaldo - Horizontal to Vertikal

As the author of this mix, incredibly talented German producer Arnaldo, suggests this mix is perfect to watch the clouds go by. A truly beautiful selection from Arnaldo will make your lazy moments even more pleasurable.

SLV - IS Special 035

Berlin-based SLV, has released his beautiful ambient album “ Berlin, Portrait in music “ via Soma records just a few days ago. Celebrating that release SLV made the mix for Input Selector podcast series. A powerful, cinematic and drone vibe in the mix makes it suitable for your after after party moments in a bed.

Supreems - Four Heads

Last month we featured an amazing mix that Supreems made for Lobster Theremin radio show, but this month we have something completely different from this incredibly talented Belgium artist. This mix is as eclectic as it gets, from jazz to hip hop, to house to ambient to breakbeat and back. Actually, there’s no need to talk about genres here, it’s just exceptional music here, that’s more than enough.