PREMIERE: Bas Dobbelaer & Vand - Gateway To Gaia [SoHaSo]

by Slav Ka

In greek mythology, Gaia personifies planet Earth and is an ancestral mother of all life, a goddess that stands at the root of the greek gods' family tree. References to Gaia usually conjure imagery of bountiful earth, beginnings, fertility and all things organic. 
Gateway to Gaia, Bas Dobblaer & Vand's excellent new track channels that imagery aurally: just like the primordial greek deities came out of chaos, the track starts with a shapeless soup of percussive sounds that slowly, unhurriedly (just like life itself) morphs and takes shape into a beat. The textures themselves have a very organic sound to them and are more likely to have been sourced from various sounds heard in the forest than conjured up by a cold digital sound bank. The beat then further evolves and gets supplemented by also-very-earthy-sounding pads, transforming this particular listener's room from a concrete cage in the urban jungle of new york to a echo-y stone cave in the forest, sometime long ago, at the cusp of life as we know it. A gateway indeed!