Best New Mixes from March 2019

by Gilles Wasserman

Here is the list of mixes we enjoyed the most listening during March. From live recordings, podcasts and radio shows, you’ll find a soundtrack for any setting you’re in. Pick your favorite , put your headphones and enjoy.

Valentino Mora - Campfire Stories 61

Valentino Mora has become one of our favorite producers when it comes to deep, bleepy and trippy techno. His productions are always intricate multi-layered masterpieces. His DJing skills are not far from his production skills either. For this month, we have an ambient mix that Valentino made for Silent Season, a record label from Vancouver. A mind-bending ambient mix which, when listened in the right setting will transport you to far away galaxy. Pure bliss.

Barnt - Beats in Space #981

Barnt is one of those artists that you listen with great attention when performing because you know you’ll hear something new, obscure, daring, something that will shape your taste in a new way. A few weeks ago Barnt has visited Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space radio show and he delivered one of the best mixes we’ve heard from this super talented German artist. Outstanding track selection and wicked moody vibe in the mix prove that Barnt always has an ace up his sleeve. This is one of the must-listen mixes.

Eli Verveine - Ambient set @ Resolute x Caravan Gitane NYC

One of the vital names on Zurich’s underground scene, Eli Verveine played mind-bending ambient/downtempo set a few weeks back at Resolute party. Tardis records head honcho perfected her skills in the early ’00s at countless after parties in Zurich and warming up dance floors on all important clubs in Switzerland. Nowadays Eli’s headlining around the world but still keeps her presence strong on Zurich’s scene. This mix is absolutely wonderful laid back journey, kind of a perfect warm-up set for the long night ahead of you.

Carsten Jost - Hypersensitive

A few weeks ago we ran on the mix from one of the co-founders of beloved Dial Records, Carsten Jost. We’ve heard a handful of mixes by this super talented producer in the past, so excitement was real while listening to this one. Dial records have shaped deep minimal house genre perhaps like no other label before and after, and this mix emphasizes that true deep house sound to the fullest. Organic percussions, warm pads, trippy melodies, intriguing bass lines, this mix has it all. One of our favorite mixes lately.

Dorisburg - at Breakfast Club Amsterdam 10.20.2018

Not that often we run on DJ set from one of the most talented artists on the underground music scene, Scandinavian craftsman, Dorisburg. The recording of Dorisburg's DJ set at Amsterdam’s Breakfast Club is a treat for all fans of deep, dub techno. The moody vibe throughout the mix makes it perfect for some late night listening.

Davis - Groove Podcast 202

Davis needs no introduction here at Fiction Lab. Brazilian mastermind makes all the right moves lately. After his sophomore release on phenomenal Live at Robert Johnson label all attention is on Davis, one of the co-founders of ODD. The latest mix Davis made for Groove Magazin is a journey to outer space. Wicked track selection will transport you to a faraway planet, a place where time doesn’t exist, a place where it doesn’t matter if something is old or new, a place where quality matters. Yet another gem from Davis.

Manamana - Strictly Confidential Files 014

We are in a real treat lately because mixes by fantastic duo Manamana keep popping up and making our feed much more interesting place to dig through. This mix is live recording by Sevensol and map.ache aka Manamana and as we got used on it when listening to this duo, it’s house music in its best. One should bring a pen and paper and take notes next time when listening to Manamana. The duo has the undeniable talent to bring happy vibes to a dance floor, which is pretty obvious if you happen to be at the party when they play.

Kate Miller - Bizarro Blends 38

Australian born, Berlin-based DJ Kate Miller is yet another incredibly talented DJ that’s hailing from Down Under. Co-founder of Oscillate record label and Oscillate events in Berlin, Kate has been a usual suspect in some of the most prominent underground clubs in Berlin such as ://about blank and Panorama Bar. Kate’s latest mix for Bizzaro's (Melbourne based record label) podcast series was such a nice journey we enjoyed listening from the very first second. The first part of the mix is very deep, bleepy, dark and moody. Around 30min mark Kate shifts gears and breaks the beat into very trippy electro and breakbeat until the end. This mix is quite something. Tracks by Forest Drive West, Toffes Varld and Dorisburg with some Hessel Audio magic to top it off.

Axel Boman - Soundwall Podcast

Studio Barnhus co-founder and one part of phenomenal Talaboman duo, Axel Boman is bringing pure dance floor fire with his latest podcast for Italian music platform, Soundwall. The party-ready mix kicks off straight away with Lando’s new material on Hypercolour and doesn’t take off a foot of the pedal throughout the mix with some classics like DJ Sneak’s Latin Seoul and Sunday Brunch - My World (Nightdrive remix) going strong somewhere in the middle of the mix. Immaculate combination of fresh and upcoming tracks with tracks from 15-20 years ago that most of older generations grew up on, make this mix a must listen for everyone who likes electronic music.

DJ Tennis - 8hrs @ Audio Obscura, Amsterdam 02.24.2019

Do you need a soundtrack for your next trans-Atlantic flight? You can skip all those movies that you wouldn’t like anyway and play this marathon set recorded at infamous Amsterdam venue The Loft by no other than Life & death head honcho, DJ Tennis. No need to waste words on what’s going on in the mix, since Tennis is one of the artists that like to push limits to the max when playing so it’s safe to say, press play and expect the unexpected.

Bas Dobbelaer - at Operator Radio 03.01.2019

A newly signed affiliate of SoHaSo, Bas Dobbelaer caught our attention last year with his trippy deep mixes. At last year’s ADE, we had the opportunity to host Bas Dobbelaer and his longtime friend Vand at the event we organized with SoHaSo where hey played mind-bending ambient set. A few weeks ago Bas Dobbelaer visited Operator Radio and played this wicked set. Deep, trippy with hypnotic percussions. A true after-hours vibe in the mix.

Samsa - Patterns Radio #14

If you want to take a break of club music, this mix will do the job. ‘Patterns’ radio show by Munich born, NYC based artist Samsa is mesmerizing escapade through ambient, avant-garde, jazz, indie rock and beyond.

Tammo Hesselink - ZeeZout 104

De School resident and one of the Nous’klaer Audio affiliates Tammo Hesselink aka Melatonin Man has a brand new release on Nous’ which hit the stores a few weeks ago. The debut EP under his real name is already doing rounds on many dance floors around the world. We haven’t heard a new podcast from Tammo in a while, so this exclusive mix for ZeeZout came like a nice surprise. The mix is a trippy journey with mood changes from deep and bleepy techno to house, breaks, and electro. This mix would go perfectly at some sweaty basement during the late nights.

JDH & Dave P - Live at Fixed 03.05.2019

Fixed founders, JDH & Dave P are doing a phenomenal job with their share of keeping NYC’s underground scene alive and vibrant. Their bookings are on point, fresh and daring. A few weeks ago, the crowd at Good Room had an opportunity to hear one of the leading figures from Mexico City’s underground scene, the man behind infamous Mayan Warrior, one part of Pachanga Boys…Rebolledo. But for this time, lights will be on what happened before Rebolledo stepped into the booth. JDH and Dave P prepared the crowd perfectly. The 3hr warm-up set unfolds slowly with such a wicked track selection. During the first hour, JDH & Dave P were greeting first-comers to the dance floor with trippy and intricate electronica and downtempo tunes, often below 100 bpm range just to naturally pick up on the beat during the second & third hour with and set up the vibe immaculately for the rest of the night.

Dino Sabatini - Lost in Ether Podcast #116

The Italian techno mastermind, Dino Sabatini never cease to impress us with his mixes. His mixes are super smooth with impeccable transitions sounding like a live rather than a DJ set. Dino’s mix for Lost in Ether is no different. It’s dark, bleepy deep techno perfectly executed, and made for those late night/early morning in basement type clubs. Get your freak on!

Kalabrese - XLR8R Podcast 583

The infamous XLR8R podcast series has gotten another wicked mix in their catalog. This time from incredibly talented Swiss producer, Kalabrese whose style always pushes the boundaries of electronic music to the new highs. In the light of his upcoming EP on Zukunft records, Kalabrese made this ‘feel good’ mix that fits perfectly into this spring mode that we’re in.

Patrice Scott - Dekmantel Podcast 222

A legendary house producer from Detroit, Patrice Scott mixed the latest edition of Dekmantel Podcasts series. The description of the mix by Dekmantel crew sums it up perfectly: His podcast is a two-hour masterclass in the smooth and seductive house that explores plenty of different moods. Selections exude the sort of class and quality that Scott has made his trademark: he’s not afraid of a jiggy drum pattern, or a vulnerable female voice, but the kicks always remain rooted to the floor and impossible to ignore. Come rain or shine, outdoor stages or indoor sweat boxes, this is the sort of mix that will always make a mark.

Naveen G - Manjumasi Podcast 007

The latest mix from by dear friend, Naveen G has been on heavy rotation in our HQ. Almost 2hr long mix exclusive for Manjumasi Podcast, the label that he runs together with Atish and Mark Slee, is a fantastic representation of Naveen’s broad music knowledge. Constant mood changes in the mix keep it very enjoyable to listen to. A very well balanced mix of techno and breaks with soulful vocals.

Indigo Aera - at Thuishaven Techno Special 03.03.2019

A phenomenal Amsterdam based duo, Indigo Aera aka Maarten Mittendorff and Jasper Wolff, who runs one of the most forward-thinking techno labels with the same name, Indigo Aera, played at popular Amsterdam venue Thuishaven as a part of Techno Special night a few weeks ago. Luckily the recording of their performance was uploaded online recently. What we have here is pure techno tour de force, 3hr of peak time techno that will transport you to another dimension.

Denis. - FBL music

Vienna based Denis is not a stranger to Fiction Lab, his mixes are always very well executed with always interesting track lists. His latest mix is no different, if you want to hear what’s new by phenomenal artists like Lawrence, Roman Flugel, Axel Boman, JMII to name the few, you’re on the right place. After the super nice intro and slow unfolding with deep and intricate sounds this mix develops into a positive, feel-good mix around 30min mark. Lovely mix for sunny spring days.