PREMIERE: Modern House Quintet - Sunset [RDV]

by Slav Ka

The afternoon sun can be brutal in the summer. With your motionless body parked at the beach, it pounds and flattens you with ferocity and determination of an Italian grandma making veal Milanese. Sipping piña coladas brings no respite: the sun is too strong and you are too overheated and dehydrated. You are in a daze; it hurts to open your eyes and it hurts to keep them closed. The email notification sound from your phone slices your daze like a knife. What now?! "A new release", it says. "Why not?" you struggle to think. "Modern House Quintet", it says. "Why not?" Preview "Sunset", it says. "Why not?!" A lowering of the needle, a sip of warm piña colada with its own desperately melting ice and … "Sweet Jesus, I feel a breeze!" you jump. The sun now seems to be pouring itself down the distant horizon, releasing your body from its crosshair. You feel weightless; your body is still sluggish from the heat and piña coladas, but your spirit now moves with all the grace of a ballet dancer.

It dances a happy dance, for "Sunset" is happy music. The rhythm is happy; the pads are happy and soothing; the track moves like a breeze and even the acid groove, that trademark tool of all things melancholic and trippy, is deftly controlled to bubble pleasantly in the background as the track takes flight.