PREMIERE: Trüby Trio - Universal Love (Lawrence Remix)[Compost]

by Slav Ka

Lawrence and his label, Dial Music, are no strangers to the speakers of the Fiction Lab: his delicate minimalistic aesthetic has been delighting us on many occasions. When we heard he was remixing Truby Trio's Universal Love, we were immediately intrigued: how would this funky, groovy and upbeat original be morphed into a Lawrence track. Well, if we had to visualize the creative process, we'd guess that Lawrence was swimming underwater as the original track was playing on the beach when he got his idea for the remix. Have you ever heard music under water? The bass gets more prominent but also thump-y and muted. The highs don’t do well in the water and get filtered out or recede into the background, overpowered by the thump of the bass. The melodic mids acquire a sense of mystery and smoothness in their flow, but also a sense of distance. And so it goes with this remix: its bass is prominent, its highs are nothing but gentle flutters, its melody is muted and aquatic sounding. The energy and drive are dialed (get it? Lawrence? Dial Music?) down and a funky booty shaker of an original gets submerged into Lawrence's ocean to produce a sequence of meditative, delicate melodic phrases that float in and out at will, propelled forward by bass which is the part that most closely anchors (aquatic puns anyone?) the remix to the original.