PREMIERE: Inter Gritty - Sleepy Tree (Original Mix)[Controlled Violence]

by Zach Huenink

Inspiration can come through many different avenues. From sounds heard in passing conversations, to the hustle and bustle of a city center. Or perhaps a drive among nature that seems particularly tranquil.

Our focus today lands squarely on the last as we’re delighted to premiere ‘Sleepy Tree’, from Inter Gritty and the Controlled Violence collective. The track starts slow and airy, a favorite vibe of ours here at Fiction Lab. The spacy pads soon give way to a hauntingly melodic bass line that continues throughout, providing a few highs and lows. Further along, a simple lead is introduced shifts attention and provides a nice finish over the top of the track. To quote Controlled violence themselves, “tracks like Sleepy Tree integrate twinkling, hollow, and delicate elements. Basslines bound up mountain ranges, synth pulses reverberate through the treetops, and groovy percussion captures the excitement and energy of the local scenery.”

The vinyl and associated digital releases will be out soon, coming on the 14th of June, as Sleepy Tree will be joined by three other tracks to round out an analog heavy EP titled, Laponia Space Project.