Best New Mixes from April 2019

by Gilles Wasserman

The list of our favorite mixes from April is here. As usual you’ll find mixes suitable for any given occasion, from morning coffee, jog, subway ride, work or your next house party. Incredibly talented DJs from around the globe got your back.

Forest Drive West - The Bunker podcast 191

One of the absolute favorites last month comes from London based, Forest Drive West. The Brit delivered an exceptionally good mix for infamous New York collective, Bunker and their podcast series. This is deep techno in its best form. Multilayered with trippy percussions and hypnotic pads the tracks in this mix are just too good. Immaculate mixing and arrangement of the mix close the circle and definitely put this mix into an evergreen category.

Johanna Knutsson - CKFM.047

Swedish born, Berliner by choice, Johanna Knutsson is one of the finest DJs from vibrating underground scene in Berlin. She is one of the co-founders of phenomenal Zodiac 44 and UFO Station imprints. Her undeniable talent’s been recognized by legendary Sebastian Mullaert with whom she performed live as a part of Mullaert’s 'Circle of Live' Tour. Johanna’s mix for Scottish CKFM is a beautifully composed atmospheric techno journey. It’s energetic but the atmosphere in the mix makes it enjoyable for listening even on your headphones during the sunny day in a park (tested, it works 🙂 ).

Huerta - Slapcast 044

Berlin-based Huerta got under our radar a few months ago with his outstanding release on Amadeus Records which he co-runs with Urulu. The American born artist impressed us again with his latest mix which he made for Dutch Slap Funk records and their podcast series. The mix touches all corners of house music, from break house to straight four to the floor rhythm and back, with mesmerizing and warm bass lines and intricate pads on a top, this mix made us go back to it multiple times.

Gacha Bakradze - All Styles All Smiles @ NTS Radio

One of the best exports from Georgian underground scene, Gacha Bakradze made a guest appearance on ‘All Styles All Smiles' show on infamous NTS radio a few weeks back. Gacha delivers super trippy deep techno mix. The mix constantly changes the groove keeping it very interesting for listening.

Oceanic - Crack Mix 270

Nous’klaer affiliate, super talented artist hailing from Rotterdam, Oceanic is back to phenomenal Rotterdam’s imprint with the new EP, 5 years after his debut on Nous’klaer. In the light of the release of ‘Yellow Cone’ EP, Oceanic made an exclusive mix for infamous Crack magazine, and boy what mix we have in here. Dark, moody breakbeat throughout the mix makes it suitable for some late nights in dark smoky basements. Super energetic mix.

Jónbjörn - Morning Line (April 2019)

Lagaffe Tales head honcho, Jonbjorn is back with yet another stunning mix. This time it’s for Georgian music platform, Morning Line. Jonbjorn is taking us for quite a ride during this one hour mix. The broken beat is dominant, and mood develops from deep and dubby to dark and energetic with trippy arpeggiators on the top. To finish things off with a style Jonbjorn picks a haunting remix of The Fugees’ ultimate hit ‘Ready or Not'.

Iron Curtis b2b Alto Bloom - Mjutcast 001

The popular night club in Leipzig, Mjut, has started their new podcast series - Mjutcast, and they're off with a bang. This is the recording of Iron Curtis playing b2b alongside one of the Mjut’s residents Alto Bloom during one cold January night, and what a mix this is. As you could expect when listening to the b2b sets, there are constant mood changes but they work so well in this case and just add more value to the mix. Prepare for a ride through ambient, breakbeat and house with ‘feel good’ stamp all over it!

Roman Flügel -at ToyToy Johannesburg 03.29.19

No need for some writing over here. 5hrs set from the one and only Roman Flugel at ToyToy in Johannesburg. Take a paper and pen and start taking notes.

Spekki Webu - Nous’klaer Radio #20

The best thing about getting lost in SoundCloud’s rabbit hole is finding out new artists that push boundaries of electronic music to another level. That was certainly the case when we listened to the latest installment of Nous’klaer radio show. This month phenomenal crew from Rotterdam introduced us to Spekki Webu, yet another incredible talent hailing from the Netherlands. Spekki Webu runs Mirror Zone record label, which we look forward to checking out. The mix itself unfolds slowly and steadily from drony ambient into trippy fast-paced techno, touching some trance corners on its way. The powerful journey that could smash any given dance floor.

Alex Dallas - In-Store Session (Sihl Records)

Head honcho of one of the labels we’ve been following for more than 10 years, Drumpoet Community, Alex Dallas played ‘in-store’ session at Sihl Records store in Zurich. As you can expect in-store sessions are all about music digging and selection of hard to find records. This mix is perfect for your morning coffee, it spans from disco to funk to jazz to house, drum’n’bass, hip hop and beyond.

VRIL - Bassiani Podcast #50

An infamous night club in Tbilisi, Bassiani recently celebrated 50th podcast in their series, and what a guest mix they have for this occasion. No other than Vril and his live recording from January this year at Bassiani. Tour de force techno with a cosmic touch. When it comes to techno, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Queniv - Yield Radio #9 @ Red Light Radio

In last year or so, incredibly talented Dutch artists are a predominant force at our HQ. One of the collectives that have been delivering over and over again is De Lichting. For this month we have Queniv, a mastermind behind some of our favorite tracks last year, playing a guest mix for his fellow ‘De Lichter’ Kaap and his Yield Radio show on RLR. The mix is a definition of after-hours trippy house and techno. Deep and melodic enough to keep you moving but with all those little details, clicks, clacks and bleeps that make your brain work an extra mile around 7am. Pure class

Citizen Maze - live @ Pitch Music & Arts festival

Pitch Music & Arts is the festival that brings carefully curated international acts and the best talents that Australia has to offer. One of those talents is for sure Adam McCoy aka Citizen Maze with whose work we fell in love when he released his debut EP on Analogue Attic imprint. Citizen Maze’s live set at Pitch Music & Arts is pure bliss. Very deep, with haunting pads and elegant ambiance. This should be your essential morning listening.

Ultrastation - Discos Atónicos Podcast #6

Powerful duo Ultrastation (Cosmic Force & Nuno Dos Santos) has done it again. Celebrating their latest release ‘4723’ EP on Discos Atonicos, the duo made an exclusive mix for imprint's podcast series. Peak time techno mix, infused with electro and acid will make your brain boil. This mix can rock big festival stages instantly.

Nadia Struiwigh & Victor De Roo - Dekmantel Radio

Here’s another mix for your morning coffee time. Incredibly talented Nadia Struiwigh was accompanied by Victor De Roo for the latest episode of Dekmantel Radio on RLR. A laid back atmosphere with impressive track selection will make 2hrs of your life quite enjoyable.

The Drifter - @ Pitch Music & arts Festival

When you have almost 4hrs live recording of one of your favorite DJs, you free your schedule press play and dance it off like you were at that party. The Drifter’s set from Australian Pitch Music & Arts festival shows why we like our Irish captain so much. The whole mix has ‘feel good’ stamp over it and impressive track selection. The best way to get a feeling of long recordings is to listen through the mix in one shot. So if you have the upcoming house warm up party, let this be the soundtrack of the night.

Honey Soundsystem - DHA FM Mix #425

The collective behind infamous parties in San Franciso and phenomenal record label with the same name, Honey Soundsystem is very well known around the world for their intricate and uplifting style of DJing. Their guest mix for our friends from Deep House Amsterdam presents their style in the best light. The uplifting party-ready mix will get you prepared  for the weekend shenanigans instantly.

DNFTD - @ WNYU Radio 03.28.19

Do Not Feed The Deer or DNFTD for short is the new imprint from NYC ran by Rapirezz who is no stranger to the underground scene in NYC where he had been throwing unforgettable after-hours parties for over a decade. Lately, Rapirezz's been concentrated mostly on music production and running his own imprint DNFTD. A few weeks ago he visited popular WNYU radio and played this mind-bending set made exclusively of his own productions. Get ready for 70min of trippy techno!

Inland - Bassiani Podcast #51

Counterchange head honcho, a multitalented artist currently based in Berlin, Inland made quite a swirl in the underground music world with his mind-bending album which was released last year through A-Ton. The world tour is well undergoing but Inland found time to make a mix for Bassiani’s podcast series. Multi-textured techno, with rhythmic changes and hypnotic melodies, made this mix truly exceptional.

Oberman - @ Operator 04.25.19

This month’s list has definitely Nous’klaer’s stamp on it, and it couldn’t go without the mastermind behind this phenomenal imprint. Oberman’s visit to Operator radio brings us a groovy and deep techno mix. The mix that shifts gears halfway through and turns into a hypnotic breakbeat journey.