PREMIERE: Views - Kimura [Garage Hermétique]

by Zach Huenink

Flying in, direct from the left field is our latest premiere, Kimura by Views aka Tape Archive head honcho Atilla Fidan. Kimura, taken from the Kyoto EP, is the latest forthcoming release off of Onirik’s imprint Garage Hermétique.

If you’ve been following the blog for a time, you may hear quite a few similarities to some of the tracks featured in the Future Sounds of Jazz Compilation, that came out at the tail end of 2018. These similarities bode well for Views, as the track in itself is a groovy one. With an infectious bass line that drives you to move and pockets of melody sprinkled throughout, Kimura serves up that energetic feeling some crave albeit in a way that’s none too brash or full of bravado. A feeling that while almost melancholic at times, still maintains an air of optimism.

The rest of Views’ Kyoto EP will be out soon on May 13th in record shops such as Yoyaku, and Microsolchi.