TRACK OF THE MOMENT: Sebastian Mullaert - Did You Talk to the Ferryman [Hypercolour]

by Zach Huenink

There’s an impressive amount of words that talk about restraint… Feelings or descriptions of wantingness in-betwixt that of highs and lows whether you as the listener want to feel the highest of highs, or the lowest of lows. It’s a realm none too visited too often, simply because of the implications of not having a polarizing opinion. Within that realm is where we land today, with Sebastian Mulleart’s ‘Did You Talk to The Ferry Man’.
Nestled between a tooly, evocative A side, ‘Who’ featuring Boelja, with every twist and turn begging attention and dripping of pure, clubby bravado we come upon our focus which acts as a buffer. Upbeat enough to pacify the passing interests of the laissez-faire clubber but intricate enough to grab attentions of the discerning. Mulleart has struck a chord, which begs not for attention but of existing for quality. The Yin to every Yang, and the B to every A.