PREMIERE: Boris Acket - Znton 03 [De Lichting]

by Zach Huenink

Boris Acket, what to say about the artist making waves in both auditory and visual realms. His music is unique, as are his forays into lighting and art installations with cohorts Nick Verstand, and Bob Roijen. For fans of boundaries being pushed, you’ve met your match. 
Today we have the pleasure of premiering Znton 03. Titled the third out of six tracks on the release, but certainly not a middling track, Znton 03 brings a groovy vibe and melancholic pads that we thrive on here at Delayed. Full to the brim with warm synths and sporadic hints of brightness, Znton 03 chugs along and brings introspection but providing that brief hint of hopefulness for the future. 
As part of De Lichting, he along with the rest of the collective, have piqued our interest and created a wonderful microcosm of discerning music that we've been following very closely.