PREMIERE: Kamran Sadeghi - Return To Tender [CL Series]

by Elena Lisovin

“Under The Peace Flag” is a series of intimate recordings created by Kamran Sadeghi for a second release on the multidisciplinary experimental label CL Series. Iranian born American producer, musician, and composer whose work has been routinely critically acclaimed, Sadeghi is an active figure in New York’s contemporary music scene.

“Return to tender” is a compelling closure for the three experimental cuts release. Logically progressing from the “raw display of textures, depth, and curious melodies,” it unfolds almost industrial complexity of sound. As fellow urbanite familiarly synchronizes with the technogenic passage of daily life while preserving personal humanity, this work provokes a constant readjustment to a richly dimmed, yet without dullness palette, and tripping exploration of precisely crafted inner space.