PREMIERE: Strategy - Tropical Storm [Idle Hands]

by Slav Ka

The sound of rain is always different: if you find yourself in the forest, the rain envelops you with its muted but consistent rush. If you are out in the desert or in an open field, you can hear it approaching for hours, like a reverb effect that's getting dryer and dryer. If you are in the city, you hear its complex rhythmic banging on the windows or the roof or the puddle on a street. If you combine all of those together, you'll have a pretty good idea how Strategy's Tropical Storm sounds. Each element in the track seems to represent some kind of rain: there is the urban rhythm, there's the desert-y synth that comes at you from a distance, and there is the muted bassline straight from the forest floor. And just like rain itself, the track twists and turns from more relaxed and gentle to more forceful and pounding, ultimately dissipating and leaving the listener with that fresh post summer rain feeling.