PREMIERE: Core - Kaizen [ARA]

by Jelena Drenjakovic

Taken from the very first offering on ARA, a brand new label from Daniel Kyo & Veryan, we’re delighted to premiere Kaizen - a mesmerizing brain dancer released under Daniel Kyo’s CORE alias.
Hollowing out a tunnel deep down with a mere torch for companion, Kaizen immediately starts you off with a rolling bass line that tears a reckless path forward as it descends into the unknown. While making its way across blackened pits and glacial crevasses, flocks of distant bleeps create a distinctly cavernous landscape. Shimmering crystal pads fade in and out, letting in just enough light to add a sense of depth and a mood that hovers between elation and melancholy. By the end, much like touching down on an unfamiliar shore, you’re left wondering how exactly you ended up in that rave cave, but not in the least bit fatigued.
The vinyl and associated digital releases will be out on June 28th as Kaizen will be joined by three other tracks to round off the EP titled 15 years.