PREMIERE: Biochip - Simulated Events [CPU Records]

by Zach Huenink

Vintage, retro, throwback… All synonyms for an aesthetic that plays upon nostalgia for a time or place gone past.
Today at Delayed we bring you a snapshot of the above, in the form of Biochip and a track off their debut release titled ‘Synthase’ on Sheffield based label, CPU Records. Simulated Events, our premiere for today, does exactly that, bringing forth memories of an analog time, full of warmth, highly melodic and emotional. Everything you’d ever want in a track right? All factors which piqued our interest and hopefully will yours.
Biochip aka Melissa Speirs and Julian Kochanowski hail from Montreal and have been digging deep into a world of live recordings. The result of which, you hear before you.
The rest of this release will be out in August so if you do like, we suggest following their bandcamp and purchasing the vinyl as well