PREMIERE: Iron Curtis - 010103 [Office Recordings]

by Zach Huenink

Taking you deeper into the twisting realms of trippy analog and digital is our guide today, Iron Curtis. Master of many things House and Techno, Johannes Paluka aka Iron Curtis has crafted a fantastic release which has us firing on all cylinders. ‘And The Temper’ out soon on August the 9th via German label, Office Recordings is Iron Curtis’ third release on the imprint and once again joins such company as Christopher Rau, and Baaz.

While this release is an incredibly solid four tracker, our focus for today is on the A side, 010103. A cryptic name for a seemingly cryptic track. Tensions run high as an off kilter kick and smattering of hi-hats greet the listener immediately and persist throughout, while the signature melancholic pads that we know and love here at Delayed breathe deep in the background. As the track progresses, small elements come in and out of focus, almost like appearing through a fog, elements that keep the track interesting and changing, never once falling back upon a monotonous loop...