PREMIERE: Unknown - Do You Know [PXU White]

Do you know the moment at the party when vocals that everyone recognizes kick in? Hands up in the air, collective screaming, true euphoria…
‘Do You Know’, the latest edit of Whitney Houston’s ultimate hit ‘How will I know’ does exactly that to any given dance floor. The mysterious artist who made this edit uses hypnotic breakbeat rhythm layered with fat stabs and arpeggiated cowbells. These elements create positive and a feel-good vibe, but if you add one of the best vocals in the history of pop music on the top, then you have an absolute dance floor weapon.
‘Do you know’ is coming out via PXU white series on September 20th in the limited vinyl-only release as an edit package. The release includes two edits of aforementioned Whitney Houston’s ‘How will I know’ and two edits of Mary J Blige’s ‘Family Affair’.